18 years ago : A major canadian report on the effectiveness of chiropractic

Posted on 2011/08/17

By Sylvain Boisvert DC

On August 1993, the Manga Report was published. It  attracted then national attention for its support to chiropractic treatment of low back pain.

Up to this date, it is still considered to be the largest existing analysis of scientific literature on low back pain.

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This independent and impartial study, which was commissioned by the Ministry of Health of the Province of Ontario shows that chiropractic treatment of back pain:

  1. is  cost-effective
  2. receives a high level of patient satisfaction
  3. is more effective than medical treatment for low back pain.

The principal authors of the report are two health economists from the University of Ottawa: Professor Pran Manga and Professor Doug Angus.

The main concern of this study was to discover what was the treatment of low back pain among those usually used (medical vs. chiropractic), which was the most effective and had the best cost / benefit for patients, taxpayers and employers.

Given the thoroughness of its research component and the nature of its recommendations, the Manga Report is important in historical terms. The report concluded that chiropractic treatment for people with low back pain is more scientific and safer than medical treatment, is more popular with patients and is very cost-effective.

Study objective: control the fast rising costs of health care

The primary objective was to improve the cost-effectiveness of health services. Low back pain is the leading cause of work disability and morbidity in middle-aged, and by far the single most expensive compensation of injured workers in Ontario.

To do this, the researchers conducted an extensive study on the existing scientific literature in order to compare medical and chiropractic treatment of low back pain in terms of efficiency and cost effectiveness.

The findings of researchers

Here are, among other things, some of the facts which have been observed by the authors of the research in terms of efficiency in the results:

  • the spinal adjustment which was used by chiropractors is more effective than other treatments for low back pain.
  • a number of medical therapies (for low back pain) are of questionable validity or are clearly inadequate. The authors report the fact that many current medical therapies of low back pain have not been proven, and that some are questionable or even dangerous.

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The latter point is definitely provocative in relation to the prevailing discourse that has often questioned the chiropractic science while assuming that medical science is always  more scientific.

What started as another study more about low back pain ended up becoming a bombshell that took many people by surprise.

The establishment of the time, the same one who is still pulling the strings of power now, rushed to put the report on the shelf, probably because of its disturbing nature.

The Manga Report: conclusions and recommendations that surprise today!

Here is the link to the original English text of the summary of the study:
Manga Report 1993 – Executive Summary (PDF 16 KB)

We highly recommend reading the full study original 104 pages available in English on the Ontario Chiropractic Association website.

Here is the link to the full document:
Manga Report 1993 (PDF 7009 KB)

Link to the original franch version of this article on drboisvert.com:

Sylvain Boisvert is a regular contributor to DrBoisvert.com

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