LaRouche: 1923-Style Collapse Underway On a Global Scale

Queen Isabella Causeway collapse / Wikimedia Commons *

the British, European and American establishments intend to defend their wealth and privilege by any means and will never agree to this revolutionary transformation of their banking system.LarouchePac 

LaRouche: 1923-Style Collapse Underway On a Global Scale


September 22, 2011

The creme-de-la creme of the international financial elite is descending on Washington, D.C. this week, for the annual meeting of the IMF-World Bank. They do so in an environment of utter panic and hysteria—panic and hysteria created by the death rattle of their global financial system, and by their own criminal incompetence to deal with it.

* “All signs of panic are there!”

* “We need squillions of dollars!”

* “You need a lot more firepower to be a circuit breaker!”

* “We’re on the eve of a new crisis!”

* “We are entering a dangerous phase!”

* “We need a broader firewall!”

* “This is already a raging panic!”

These are all exact quotes taken from comments made today by the likes of the head of the IMF, the U.S. Treasury Secretary, top British financial journalists, and the head of the world’s largest bond trading company. They all now admit that this is endgame; they all now demand that “action” be taken. And they all are utterly devoid of any idea of what to actually do about the crisis which their policies have created.

I know what to do,” Lyndon LaRouche stated today. “This is a 1923-style collapse on a global scale, and the political leadership of the United States is acting like the dumb Germans from 1923. They have learned nothing from that lesson. Nearly everyone in leading positions today has flinched and backed off from the necessary measures. They are not prepared to defend civilization, because civilization itself depends on acting as I have specified. People are going to have to rally around me, personally.

“So sound the warning, and: 1) throw Obama out of office now; 2) cancel the bailout; and 3) implement Glass-Steagall immediately. Anything that excludes any of these three required measures, is as good as treason against the United States, because the country will be shoveled into Hell if they are not adopted. That’s what political leaders of all parties need to be told: ‘If you don’t do what LaRouche has specified, you will at least now know why you and your country are being shoveled into Hell.’

“There is no exaggeration in stating it that way. This is heading towards a death camp. So stop it; stop it now. The call must be unqualified: Stop it!

LaRouche added that over recent days the Democratic Party leadership capitulated and agreed to bail out Obama, at exactly the point where his political head was on the chopping block, because the vast majority of the population rightly blames him for the unfolding national and international disaster. Instead, with Obama on the ropes, those party leaders and others flinched, and committed the potentially fatal mistake of agreeing to the fraud of instead targeting Texas Governor Rick Perry (who is a piece of crap, to be sure), arguing that the Obama issue could be put off until November 2012.

“Nothing can be put off until November 2012—and probably not even another week,” LaRouche stated. “The system is over, and so are all the political parties that defend it. Obama must go now; the bailout must stop now; Glass-Steagall must be implemented now.”

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Malaysia’s New Strait Times Publishes On LaRouche and Glass-Steagall


September 22, 2011

Malaysia’s New Straits Times, the leading newspaper in the country and unofficially a voice of the ruling coalition, published an extensive letter on Lyndon LaRouche and the Glass-Steagall act. Malaysia, like other Asian counties, is being hard-hit by inflation pressures, especially in food, and is fearful of effects of the European and US financial collapse on its export markets.
Mohd Peter Davis, a long-time LaRouche collaborator,presented the promise of a Glass-Steagall reform in terms of mankind’s tasks for the 21 century.
His letter reads:
“I REFER to the report ‘World economy in danger,’ quoting the president of the World Bank, Robert Zoellick.
“On Sept 13, Italian Economy Minister Giulio Tremonti came out with an even stronger warning — ‘the threat of a dark age is real’ — as a consequence of having ‘bailed out the most negative part of the banks’.
“These high-level warnings over the past week are true — but 40 years too late.
“According to American economist Lyndon LaRouche, the world’s most accurate economic forecaster since his first forecast in 1956, the world has been bankrupt since 2008 and is surviving on purely artificial gambling money produced by international bankers without any backing in the productive economy.
“LaRouche’s famous forecast of August 1971 stated that the overthrow of Franklin Roosevelt’s post-war Bretton Woods agreement by president Richard Nixon, acting secretly on behalf of British bankers, would turn the whole world into a giant gambling casino and lead to the collapse of the world economy.
“This is what is happening today. So why should we listen to half-baked proposals by the world’s financial ‘experts’ who have taken 40 years to wake up to reality?
“A new Glass Steagall Act proposed recently by LaRouche to reverse the world economic crisis has the same intention as the Glass Steagall Act introduced by Roosevelt in 1933.
“Its opening paragraph, written three generations ago to get America out of the Depression, is the same as LaRouche’s intention today to outlaw speculative banking, not just in America but globally.
“‘(The 1933 Act) To provide for the safer and more effective use of the assets of banks, to regulate interbank control, to prevent the undue diversion of funds into speculative operations, and for other purposes.’
“Roosevelt’s revolutionary banking initiative lifted America out of the Depression and built the greatest economy the world has ever seen, allowing the military defeat of Hitler and Japan and putting men on the moon under president John F. Kennedy.
“This simple Glass Steagall Act protects the legitimate banks that society needs for survival but wipes out speculative banks.
“Most importantly, Glass Steagall will again permit the introduction of a credit system to finance the rapid scientific reconstruction of the world, particularly water, electricity, housing, modern agriculture and advanced industry and transportation to satisfy the needs of an expanding world population.
“The vast improvements in the physical economy promise to end hunger, poverty and misery in the 21st century and unite the human species for the exploration and colonization of other planets.
Of course, the British, European and American establishments intend to defend their wealth and privilege by any means and will never agree to this revolutionary transformation of their banking system.
“LaRouche has devoted his long life (89 years) to bringing back the legacy of Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln and the principles of the American Revolution on a worldwide scale.
“The solution according to LaRouche is simple. Throw out US President Barack Obama on constitutional grounds; pass Glass Steagall; negotiate a credit system between America, Russia and China and then extend the credit system to other willing sovereign nations.
“If successful, the LaRouche movement internationally will be leading a scientific renaissance to rebuild the world fit for an expanding human population.
“Malaysia can play a leading role. For instance, our deep tropical agriculture research for sheep, goats, cattle and milk production is showing how protein food can be increased in underdeveloped tropical countries such as Africa and India and even dry countries if provided with nuclear desalinated water.”

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* Image reference:

Queen Isabella Causeway collapse, by United States Coast Guard, CWO2 Robert Wyman
Photo page, U.S. Coast Guard
Picture description page, U.S. Coast Guard
U.S. Coast Guard Visual Information Gallery
Public domain

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