Vladimir Putin Outflanks the British


“Vladimir Putin has taken the world by surprise, announcing not only his own candidacy for President of Russia, but also Dmitri Medvedev’s parallel candidacy for Prime Minister, outflanking London’s divide-and-conquer strategy.”

Lyndon LaRouche Congratulates Vladimir Putin:
“First Step on the Road to New Pacific-Centered Recovery”

September 26, 2011

Noted American economist and political leader Lyndon LaRouche issued a statement Sunday of warm congratulations to Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, upon his nomination for the Presidency of Russia in the 2012 elections. He also congratulated Russian President Dmitri Medvedev, who nominated Putin for President at this week’s United Russia party convention, and has announced his candidacy for the Russian Duma, as head of the United Russia slate.

“This Putin-Medvedev move is just the kind of strategic surprise the world needs,” LaRouche said. “This assertion of leadership sends a clear message of defiance against the British Empire’s divide-and-conquer games, and represents a major step forward toward a new Pacific-centered recovery program for the entire world.

“Over the recent weeks, the Putin-Medvedev leadership has taken new initiatives toward cooperation with China, on precisely the basis of high-technology development, including space and nuclear, that the world needs in order to get out of the current depression. Once the United States, without Obama, joins with this Russian-China alliance, we have the basis for a Great Pacific Alliance, which will be the alternative to war and a New Dark Age.”

“We are already seeing whining and screaming from lackeys of the British Empire, about this crucial decision. In fact, they have brought this development on themselves, by wrecking the trans-Atlantic economies through de-industrialization and globalization. People in the West have no right to complain.”

“The Putin-Medvedev decision,” LaRouche continued, “is actually a sign of hope for all mankind. What is required now is for the American population to dump its British-puppet President, and join with Russia and China to form the Great Pacific Alliance that can rescue mankind.”

“This alliance is already in the making, as of the Putin-Medvedev announcement yesterday. Now is the time for American patriots to move decisively to dump Obama so we can join it, and take the necessary measures to save every section of the planet from an otherwise-inevitable collapse into the future envisioned by the British financial empire—depopulation and death.”

Link to original article: http://www.larouchepac.com/node/19582

Lyndon LaRouche sharing his view of Mr. Vladimir Putin

From LaRouche Webcast Transcript: Dialogue With LaRouche

Link: http://www.larouchepac.com/node/3625

August 25th, 2007

“Mr. LaRouche, there are two starkly different views of Vladimir Putin currently circulating in the United States. One views him as a world leader who is seeking a framework both for his country and for the planet during the 21st Century. The other paints him as a ruthless man, who eliminates internal opposition, via methods he learned during his days in the KGB, and who rattles a saber internationally. Could you please, as best as you can in a public forum, share your view of Mr. Putin, especially from the standpoint of your proposal for a four-nation agreement.”

LaRouche: “Well, Vladimir Putin is probably the most intelligent member of his own government, and he has in a sense, transformed Russia from the condition it was in under Yeltsin—which is the same thing practically as Al Gore. Yeltsin was the Al Gore of Russia in more ways than one, and quite literally, as a matter of fact. He shared in some of Al Gore’s corruption; Gore was used to bring Yeltsin to power. But, Putin is a man who is caught in a situation which most people don’t think about these things, certainly George W. Bush doesn’t think about these things. He’s caught in a position where he sees his function as existential. It’s almost a religious view with him, to try to save Russia, a mission to save Russia and to make something of the shards of what had been the Soviet Union. That’s his motive. I’ve see no malice with him. The usual charges coming from Britain are the just simply gossip repeated. He’s Russian, and he reflects Russian history and Russian methods and Russian culture. And some of it you might not like, but that’s not the issue. The issue is: Is Putin a prospective partner of the United States, in an effort to save the planet as a whole? The answer is, he is—that simple. And most of the stuff that’s said against him is nonsense. To say that Russian culture is a rough culture to deal with, particularly with its history; absolutely. So what?”


“All right. Now, what’s Putin’s role? Putin represents Russian culture, and Russian culture is a Eurasian culture, as distinct from a Western European culture, or distinct from the United States.”

“Now remember, our immediate conflict within European civilization, is we in the United States, when we’re sensible, have a strong disagreement and objection to the character of Western European and Central European culture, because we formed the United States to get away from those cultures. We formed the United States to get away from a society which is dominated by oligarchical traditions. The idea of the social equality of man, not in terms of standards of this or standards of that, but the essential worth of the individual; the intrinsic worth of the individual. It must be an equal opportunity for expression of intrinsic worth. And in Europe, you don’t have that! No part of Europe do you have that. You may have some niches of that in Europe, but you don’t have that as dominant culture. And you just don’t have it in Russia, either. But it’s different. Russian culture is Eurasian culture. Russia, since the fall of the ancient Ukraine area, has emerged as a Eurasian culture. It is not Asian; it is also European, but not entirely European. And Russians are different, in that sense, when taken as a whole, not necessarily as individuals, but as a whole. Then you look at—what you have. We have Asian culture. What do we mean by Asian culture? Well, you have India and China, for example. You have other countries, and they have an Asian tradition, which is not like a European tradition.”

“The challenge before the planet today, is to start from the fact that we’re dealing with a planet which is organized in that way. We have European culture. We have the idea of the sovereign nation-state in the United States republic. We have it also in parts of South and Central America, as a strong tradition. In Europe, you have an oligarchical form of European culture. It’s still oligarchical in character. You have Russian culture, which is Eurasian culture, and Russia dominates the area from which come the largest part of the resources upon which all of Asia will depend, and Russia has the ability to steer the development of those resources for the expanding requirements of the populations of China, etc., etc.”

“So therefore, our job is to take these different cultural groups within the planet as a whole, and to bring them together to a common purpose. And the common purpose is to solve the basic problem which threatens mankind right now. Now, therefore, my proposal is a practical one. Don’t complain! Change what you don’t like! But change it by agreement with the people you have to work with to get the change. We in the United States—what do we have from Russia? Putin, Vladimir Putin, says again and again and again: Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt. And that’s what these guys don’t like. They don’t like the fact that he likes Franklin Roosevelt. I like Franklin Roosevelt! I have my questions about the morals of people who don’t like Franklin Roosevelt. So, Roosevelt-haters are the problem we have to deal with.”

“Okay, now. He agrees on what? That the United States, as a European civilization, which we are, Russia which is a Eurasia civilization, must cooperate with leading nations which are Asian culture situations, in order to create a unity of the planet which includes dealing with the problems of Africa. What’s wrong with that? In other words, instead of saying we’re going to set up some “system,” some “code,” say we have a mission orientation, that the planet requires that the most powerful nations of the world unite, to sponsor a mission for humanity, for generations to come. And that’s what’s good about Putin. He’s willing to do that. Anyone who was human, who was President of the United States—we have to get a human being in there, in the Presidential office, soon; I don’t think we can wait til the next election—must adopt that mission and say, “Yes! You’re right, Putin. Franklin Roosevelt! You’re right.”

“We have to unite, with China and India, as co-sponsoring leading powers of the planet, to create a table at which the others parts of the planet can assemble, to take over the United Nations, and to reform the United Nations in such a way that we can eliminate, by agreement, some of the worst evils which are running the world today, and create a system of cooperation among perfectly sovereign nation-states, in which the dignity of the individual nation-state is guaranteed! And which also is dedicated to solve together certain common ends for future generations of all mankind.”


“I may have quarrels with Putin on many things, but the essential thing is, we’ve got to bring the nations of this planet together in a system which deals with these problems. Putin is prepared to make that commitment. China, I know, will make that commitment. India, in its own way. Other nations will join. But without an initiative from the United States in that direction, it won’t happen. So don’t worry about Russia. Worry about the United States. Because if we had the right President in the White House right now, we would get that deal right now.”

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Bankrupt British Imperial Interests Running Coup Against Putin


April 10, 2011

Reports from Russian sources, together with recent events in London and Moscow, reveal a trend toward a British-orchestrated coup in process against Prime Minister Vladimir Putin. Ex-Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachov, the Queen’s favorite Communist Party General Secretary, figures centrally in the developments, alongside the whole group of Russian functionaries who serve as agents of the Pirates of the Caribbean – the London-centered offshore financial interests who seek to control monetary flows worldwide, crush sovereign nations, and slash the world’s population.

The irony of the situation, Lyndon LaRouche observed upon hearing these reports, is that the British manipulators themselves are doomed and dying. “The reality is that the entire British system of Lord Jacob Rothschild’s Inter-Alpha Bank is doomed,” LaRouche said. “The euro system is doomed. Inter-Alpha’s ‘BRIC’ project is nothing but a ‘bad bank.’ There is a general world collapse, taking place in the galactic crisis. The pirates are reaching for the bottom of the barrel, so they can pick up the pieces and rebound, but they can’t find a bottom, because there is no bottom. It’s out of control.”

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