Argentine President Slams IMF Murderous “Idiocy and Stubborness”

Presidente Cristina Fernández de Kirchner / Wikimedia Commons *

those directly responsible for Argentina’s 2001 failure, and today’s in Europe and the United States, are still trying to force the world to swallow the same medicine”  Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentine

Argentine President Slams IMF Murderous “Idiocy and Stubborness”


September 28, 2011

Speaking in Mendoza province Sept. 26, Argentine President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner scathingly attacked the insanity of the IMF’s austerity policies, now being forced on Europe, as well as the arrogance of IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde, who announced last week that the Fund would not use data from INDEC, Argentina’s official statistical agency, to assess the country’s GDP and inflation rate, because the data was too “unreliable.” Instead, Lagarde said, the Fund would get better data from “private consultants.”

Not only did the IMF cause Argentina’s 2001 crisis and default, Fernandez charged. Today, “in the midst of the most calamitous failure in recent memory…those directly responsible for Argentina’s 2001 failure, and today’s in Europe and the United States, are still trying to force the world to swallow the same medicine they gave us for a decade in order to ruin us! Such idiocy, such stubborness is inconceivable. How can they say that an economy will be reactivated and grow through austerity? This makes no sense!”

So the IMF is going to determine what’s “reliable” in Argentina? Let it be known, Fernandez said, that our “economic policy decisions are made here in the Casa Rosada [Presidential Palace] and in the national Congress, here within our national institutions”—not in private consultancies or dictated by foreign financial agencies. In the 1980s and 1990s, the President recalled, Argentina’s Congress bent over backwards to implement foreign dictates, “and the world still came crashing down; Argentina still came crashing down on us. So, with some mistakes, with some successes, we’ve learned that we, the Argentines, will determine our present, and above all, our and our children’s future.”

Fernandez was in Mendoza to inaugurate the expansion of the electricity grid, and in doing so, recalled that her late husband President Nestor Kirchner loved building infrastructure “because he maintained that this was progress.” When you bring energy and electricity to regions that didn’t have it, “you bring equality, sovereignty and federalism to places that had been ignored historically,” the President emphasized. She recalled Nestor’s first speech to the UN General Assembly in which he said that Argentina must be allowed to grow, because he didn’t know of any dead people who could pay their debts. That, Fernandez said, “was a visionary metaphor for what’s happening in the world today.”

The Argentine President underscored that everything she and her husband have done has been aimed at “liberating” the Argentine people, but more particularly youth, leaving them “a better country…liberating them from misery, from failure, from frustration and from poverty….We are rebuilding that Argentina which had been wrenched from us and which we have recovered, not for ourselves, but for our young people, for our children and grandchildren, so they don’t have to live through what we have had to live through.”


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5 thoughts on “Argentine President Slams IMF Murderous “Idiocy and Stubborness”

  1. Having read the complete series of “Anastasia of the Ringing Cedars” this info can fill in many of the answers individual as well as countries have been seeking. Particularly in this case book 8-1 “The New Civilization” can solve personal and national issues in ways never discussed or even looked at before in this way and it is all do-able. The overriding will of the public is the only way these changes can and take place.

  2. My wife and I are U.S. citizens that were lucky enough to visit your lovely country for a month during the so called 911 false flag tragedy in New York. The people we met in Argentina were so friendly and warm. We had a spineless puppet of a President of the global central banking cartel called Bush then. You the people of Argentina are so blessed to have such a great patriot of your country now,…. Presidente Christina Fernandez de Kirchner. She is right, the world needs to rid itself of the IMF. We the people of the U.S. need to rid ourselves of the Federal Reserve Bank as well. They are killing, robbing and cheating us out of a future on a daily basis. The global banking criminal cartel must be stopped now. Here in America we only have the so called President Obama. He is a no more than a spineless, well paid puppet of these elite central bankers at the IMF and Federal Reserve Banks. If The U.S. can elect a man named Ron Paul in 2012, we will have the chance to once again have an honest and good President that works for our country and the people, as you the people of Argentina have in Presidente Kirchner. Encourage and protect her like you would your family and friends Argentinians. You truly have a brighter and grand future with a leader such as she. I am moving my family to the Bahamas to escape the current state of tyranny in the U.S.A. We can live free and work free there and will peacefully fight for America’s restoration of the Bill of Rights and the Constitution from the Bahamas. May God please bless us all to win this fight over evil.

    • Wow, that cracked me up. I currently live in Argentina and this “great patriot of your country now,…. Presidente Christina Fernandez de Kirchner” is running this country down straight to hell.

      It is, of course, always easier to say the right things than to do the right things. It is always easier to blame someone else for your own failures too.

      It is funny you talk about the tyranny of the US while praising Argentina. It seems like you have no idea what the hell you’re talking about. Argentina has more restrictions on its citizens than Russia at this point, but hey, you wouldn’t care about the smaller details as long as you can criticize the US.

      Lastly, you’re moving to the Bahamas yet you criticize the banking system? Uh, the Bahamas depends on the banking system of the world for its economy to flourish. Guess your liberal blogs didn’t inform you about that while you were reading up on the “false flag tragedy in New York”.

      Obama, the Messiah didn’t save your whiney ass so I guess you need to escape, and you call others spineless? Heh, freakin’ hilarious.

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