Gold and silver legal tender in Utah

Gold and silver legal tender in Utah-On the Edge with Max Keiser-10-07-2011

In this edition of the show Max interviews David Morgan from He will talk about the new law implemented in the state of Utah making gold and silver legal tender.

So from now on the merchants in the state of Utah will start accepting gold and silver coins on a voluntary basis.

There is a depository that was set up where people can put their gold and silver into and are being issued a debit card which makes the whole transaction process pretty transparent.

And now you can walk to any store and buy whatever you want to buy with your debit card.

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1 thought on “Gold and silver legal tender in Utah

  1. Brilliant, good for Utah. Every state should do it. It would put an end to the criminals at the Federal Reserve Bank, and their fractional reserve phoney money. They print one dollar, then create 9 more out of thin air. The cheaters then lend it out to the masses with interest.
    Talk about a ponzi scheme, this is the greatest hoax ever in the history of the world.

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