Governments putting Taxpayers’ Money to work for protecting Libyans : Now take a look at the results

Deserted: The denuded buildings of Sirte, Libya, will have to be demolished after they were pounded with heavy artillery for weeks

The before and after picture of Misrata, Libya, shows what the U.S./NATO means by a humanitarian war / Source:


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NATO bombed Libya back into Stone AgeOct 19, 2011

Image source:

1) Deserted Sirte :      Copyright © , Daily Mail, 2011

2) Before and after picture of Libya:

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1 thought on “Governments putting Taxpayers’ Money to work for protecting Libyans : Now take a look at the results

  1. Amazing that people do not see what Obama really is, another Bush, and a lawless, UN-constitutional, and murderous person. I can’t stand knowing that we have become a nation of world police thugs, in the “business” of war. Trillion’s of dollars spent on death and destruction for the profit of a few sick bankers and corporations. Where does that money come from? We the taxpayer in America. I for one would not allow my money to be spent on their wars, if I had the choice. We the people may not ever realize a time of truth, justice, liberty and freedom for all again, if we elect another Obama, Clinton, Romney, Cain, Perry etc., we insure more of the same insanity will continue. I will vote for Ron Paul in 2012. I hope Judge Andrew Napalitano is his V.P. It is a vote that insures the reinstatement of the laws set forth for us to abide by, and forefathers of this country vision will reign true once again. The Declaration of Independence, Constitution, and Bill of Rights will live again as the shining example for all nations of the world to wish and strive for themselves, and their countries. Just my opinion.

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