Battle for Control of the Global Collateral Accounts

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“Although a decade of research has proven a high level cabal at the top of the Western power structure was behind the 911 terror attacks, few realize the attack was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system.”       
Benjamin Fulford

The real reason behind the 911 terror was a battle for control of the global collateral accounts

By Benjamin Fulford

Weekly Geopolitical News and Analysis 20110912 (extracts)


Although a decade of research has proven a high level cabal at the top of the Western power structure was behind the 911 terror attacks, few realize the attack was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system. Fewer still realize the 311 nuclear tsunami attack against Japan was also part of this battle. However, a critical mass of military, law-enforcement, banking and other officials has identified and is about to arrest the culprits behind these and other attacks. The search for the ultimate culprits led to something known as the global collateral accounts and a high level group of conspirators that illegally took them over. These accounts are backed by the pooled assets of many of the world’s governments and were meant to be used to finance peaceful development. Instead, they were mostly misspent on war by a group of misguided oligarchs concentrated in the financial, military, oil and (to a lesser extent) pharmaceutical industries.


intelligence and police agencies of the world have now obtained the codes for the global collateral accounts and can trace in detail who has been using these funds, and for what purpose, ever since they were hijacked in the 1950’s.


When U.S. President John F. Kennedy agreed with the 77-nation non-aligned group to create US treasury dollars to finance the development of the third world and a trip to the moon, he was killed. Over the coming decades other non-aligned leaders were also killed, hounded out of power or intimidated into silence.


The Chinese and their non-aligned allies around the world rightly argued that their turn had come. Furthermore, they were armed with multi-trillion dollar certificates of various sorts given to them by the Western Powers.

In one example, in 1938 7 US warships took vast amounts of Chinese gold to the US in order to keep it out of Japanese hands. In exchange the Chinese were given Treasury bonds that expired in 60-years or 1998. When that time came, the Chinese owners asked for their gold back but the owners of the Federal Reserve Board refused. The Feds were sued at the International Court of Justice in the Hague and lost.

The owners of the Fed were supposed to hand back the first shipment of gold on September 12th, 2001. As those of us who are not brainwashed understand, the Feds gave the world the “finger,” on September 11, 2001 and instead embarked on a vast new military build-up intended to replace the cold war.

The problem with this fake war on terror is that it required the rest of the world to continue financing the US military industrial complex. That was predicated on the complex being able to maintain control over oil, the lifeblood of the 20th century economy.


Until this mess can be sorted out, a freeze has been put out at the very highest levels of the global financial system. This is what is ultimately behind the recent financial turmoil seen around the world. Because of the incredibly sensitive nature of the situation, a blanket of secrecy has been put in place until this mess can be sorted out.


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CNL Editor’sNote:

Who is Benjamin Fulford?

Benjamin Fulford

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (extract)

Benjamin Fulford (born 1961) is a journalist living in Japan.

He is the great-grandson of George Taylor Fulford[1].

In the early 1980s he came to Japan to study at Sophia University. After receiving a B.A. from the University of British Columbia he returned to Japan in the mid-1980s to pursue a career in journalism. He worked in Japan as a correspondent for Knight Ridder, the International Financing Review, the Nihon Keizai Shimbun English edition, and the South China Morning Post before moving to Forbes magazine, where he was the Asian Bureau chief from 1998 to 2005.[2] After leaving Forbes he wrote a series of books in Japanese. He conducted an interview with the reclusive David Rockefeller in November 2007[3] .

George Taylor Fulford

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (extract)

George Taylor Fulford (August 8, 1852 – October 15, 1905) was a Canadian businessman and politician.

In January 1887, Fulford registered G. T. Fulford & Co. in the Leeds County Registrar, as a vendor and manufacturer of patent medicines. In 1890, a local McGill-trained physician, Dr. William Jackson, sold him the rights to Pink Pills for Pale People for $53.01. This patent medicine would make him a millionaire.

Dr. Williams’ Pink Pills for Pale People were marketed in 87 countries worldwide, including Canada, Britain, France, Belgium, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and China. Fulford was an innovative advertiser.

He was involved with the Liberal Party of Canada and became a friend of Sir Wilfrid Laurier. He was appointed to the Canadian Senate in 1900 representing the senatorial division of Brockville, Ontario. He served until his death in 1905.

George Taylor Fulford is reported to be the first Canadian fatal automobile accident victim on record. He was on a trip in Newton, Massachusetts with his business associate W. T. Hanson and their wives, when the chauffeur-driven car the men were riding in was sideswiped by a streetcar. Fulford died two days later, on October 15, 1905, at age fifty-three. His widow never remarried.

Fulford was a philanthropist, giving considerable donations to institutions such as the Brockville Rowing Club, the Wall Street Methodist Church, the Brockville General Hospital, and the YMCA; in his will, he left a large sum of money to establish a home for indigent women.

At the time of his death he was the largest single shareholder in General Electric and was considering buying a company called General Motors. Some of his descendants believe he was actually murdered. His great-grandson, Benjamin Fulford,[3] former journalist for Forbes magazine in Japan, believes he was murdered in a conspiracy by the Rockefeller family (who made millions with Standard Oil) because he was going to fund Nikola Tesla’s research into Free Energy.[4]The driver who caused the fatal collision (but himself survived) had been given one weeks notice at the time of the crash.

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Secret societies at war, The war will soon be over.
Benjamin Fulford
with Vinny Eastwood October 25, 2011

SUMMARY: “oligarchs in Europe & fraudulent financial families in U.S. have been in control of the world through many key positions. They plan to start WW3 to achieve a fascist totalitarian global rule with them as the ruling elite. Their corrupt system has caused worldwide financial upheavals, massive death & destruction from wars. They’re increasing being isolated by factions that oppose their criminal activities & may be indicted soon but more turmoil may arise before things get better.”

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1 thought on “Battle for Control of the Global Collateral Accounts

  1. Thanks for your hard work Benjamin, you are a noble and patriotic fighter and defender for WE THE PEOPLE, and everyone’s natural human rights. How did a few hundred old murderous and greedy men come to control our Earth? I am glad you were not born one of the sheep people.

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