Interesting new Trend in UK: People lawfully arresting corrupt Judge

A few months ago, in Birkenhead UK,
a group of 600 ordinary people
a judge for running an unlawful court
during a totally peaceful demonstration.

The judge was not assaulted in any way but he was informed that
he was put under arrest by the public.

Needless to say, this event was not covered by the mainstream media.

by “WE THE PEOPLE” in his court

“The government is terrified of what people can do when they’ve got proper knowledge and understanding of what is happening in their country. So the British government was so terrified of what six hundred peacefull protesters did in Birkenhead, near Liverpool, that they had to remove the video.”
Brian Gerrish

See more Videos —  Listen to Brian Gerrish, on Alex Jones, starting from min 8:00 –

[2 of 4] Brian Gerrish [4th Nov, 2011] – The Alex Jones Show

Brian Gerrish is a speaker and member of many valuable groups, all detailed below. His informative talks are available to watch on YouTube, and detail the depth and involvement of his work in exposing the corruption of the governmental systems, and also in helping many people who are the victims of their unlawful actions.

The British Constitution Group

The UK Column

Lawful Rebellion

Common Purpose Exposed

Here is a longer version of the Birkenhead footage:

Freemen Arrest A Judge. Birkenhead UK (part 1)

Freemen Arrest A Judge. Birkenhead UK(part 2)

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1 thought on “Interesting new Trend in UK: People lawfully arresting corrupt Judge

  1. The worlds people need to take a lesson from these brave citizens fighting for justice and honesty. If our elected public officials break the law, they should be arrested and held accountable for their crimes. Who else will stop the unlawful actions of the politicians, judicial system, corporations and bankers. Not the good old boy club. They think they are above the law. What a great example for us all. We know freedom will not be restored easily, evil does not want to be stopped. It is like a tantrum throwing child’s will to get what it wants.

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