Fast and Furious: Was the Obama administration willing to Kill Mexicans?

US-Mexico border deaths monument / Wiki Commons *

Fast and Furious remains the most pressing concern at this moment for those inside the administration trying to contain this scandal. I assure you of that. They were all in on that program, you know.”

“Holder is in a corner now. Question is, is Obama right there with him?”  White House Insider, LaRouchePAC

Ulsterman: Obama Administration Was Willing To Kill Mexicans


November 10, 2011

In the most recent Ulsterman blog interview with the White House Insider, the latter focuses on the potential for the investigation of Operation Fast and Furious to bring down Obama. According to the Insider: “Fast and Furious remains the most pressing concern at this moment for those inside the administration trying to contain this scandal. I assure you of that. They were all in on that program, you know. The administration — the party leadership. It was attached to the arrogance they had after passage of Obamacare — they thought there was nothing they couldn’t accomplish. Nothing they couldn’t push through. All those f_cking czars,the advisers — Jarrett. These people put in without any Congressional oversight — they are running the program. Controlling healthcare and controlling guns — they were viewed as a package deal at about the same time, it seems. Control how people live, how they die, and how they go about protecting themselves — that about sums it up.

“There was, or is something out there. Or it was circulating, I don’t have the exact specifics. But something was being planned directly connecting this Fast and Furious disaster and the Obama people — some in the party — an entire plan to initiate sweeping gun control legislation throughout the country.

“Holder is in a corner now. Question is, is Obama right there with him?”

Ulsterman asks: “But Attorney General Eric Holder is gone? He will be forced out?”

Insider: “Yes. No doubt whatsoever. The scope of this plan requires a person to almost suspend reality — f_cking reality for a moment. We had the feds placing deadly weapons into the hands of dangerous criminals who then turn around and use them to kill Americans, to kill Mexicans, to cause all kinds of chaos, right? The shops used to sell those guns, the government forced them to sell those guns, right? The government basically put a gun to those gun sellers’ head and told them to allow those criminals to purchase those weapons. Then they turn around and are prosecuting those gun sellers, while at the same time you got Democrats — some of the most extreme of Democrats — they are calling for gun control.

“It’s the part about nobody in the administration trying to track those guns that were given to the criminals, that’s the key for me in this. If the Obama administration wasn’t really concerned about the actual guns — they lost over a thousand or so, right? Can’t find them. No idea where they went. So those guns weren’t the concern. It was the crime they wanted to trace back to those guns that were sold in the United States. It was the crimes they wanted to happen — they f_cking encouraged to happen—that was the purpose of all of this. We killed 200 Mexicans. This White House was willing to do that. This White House, the Obama administration, they were willing to kill Mexicans. But they made a mistake — the killing of the border agents — they didn’t prepare to have those killings linked to the weapons. Or if they did, they didn’t realize it would backfire against them like it did. We need a Democrat to stand up and point a finger at this administration and call them out for this mess.”

Ulsterman: “Will that happen? Do you have a Democrat willing to do that? To take on that risk.”

Insider: Yes. It’s a matter of timing but, yes, we do.”


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* Image reference:
US-Mexico border deaths monument
Author: Tomas Castelazo

This is a monument for those who have died attempting to cross the US-Mexican border. Each coffin represents a year and the number of dead. It is a protest against the effects of Operation Guardian. Taken at the Tijuana-San Diego border

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