Before and After: Mainstream Media agenda towards Ron Paul

Just  IGNORING  Ron Paul

John Stewart shows how Ron Paul is feared by Mainstream Media – August 2011

NOW they can’t ignore Ron Paul anymore,
Mainstream Media is getting
rude and unprofessionnal –

Ron Paul Interview On DeFace The Nation 11/20/11

November 20, 2011:

Airing Date Nov.20, 2011, Here is a quote from facebook that i think explains the interview very well below from a Mr.Jeff Hook:

Jeff Hook ” I just watched the Ron Paul interview (11/20) and I must say, your show couldn’t have been more rude or unprofessional. Bob Schieffer is obviously biased. His twisting of Ron’s policies and statements are the norm from the left, not a big deal. But when Ron went to explain what he said or what his policy is, Bob didn’t accept his explanation and would end the question by putting words in Ron’s mouth before immediately moving on. Instead of giving Ron a final statement, Bob just thanked him and cut him off to move on to something else. “

From CBS’s 89 seconds of disrespect to this Deface the nation interview, Ron should not go on CBS anymore. The station is clearly biased and is shameful.

Here is a dailymotion link below just in case…


Mainstream media agenda towards Ron Paul is changing from bad to worse.

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3 thoughts on “Before and After: Mainstream Media agenda towards Ron Paul

  1. Spending money on war industry create fewer real jobs than taking this same money and invest on education, real green economy (excluding the CO2 scam..), infrastructures, ect. War by itself is not an economy booster, it is the best kept lie since the world war one up to this time, but not anymore, peoples are waking up.

    Ron Paul is right when he say, taking back all the money spent to operate and maintain 900 military bases throughout the world would free USA from a good portion of it’s national debt and would contribute to find new avenues to create jobs. Have a look at this video (WAR INDUSTRY VS JOBS):

  2. Ron Paul for President in 2012. He will kick the crooked bankers out of our country just like Jackson did. Hey Putin paid Russia’s debt to the crooked bankers at the House of Rothschild in 2008, and now Russia owes nothing to the Rothschild money changer mafia. It took him three years. He’s got a brain, and big balls. Find your balls America. End the Federal Reserve Bank, fractional lending, banking, and counterfeit, fake money derivatives. Stop Americas race to ruin. Stop being a slave to bankers fractional reserve, counterfeit money, credit, and federal government taxes on your money that go to paying the banker criminals ransom. We need to pay off our debt to these criminals, by giving them the finger, showing them the door, and getting rid of them.

  3. Ron Paul 2012 – Who Can You Trust? Very interresting clip (2:30 min) on various political statements made by candidates contradicting themselves.

    Ron Paul is the only candidate with proven consistency between his past and present statements. The other candidates are a joke.

    Watch this video and the flip flop positions of the candidates…

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