Internet’s Alternative News: It is Game Over for Mainstream Media Cartel’s Monopoly

Image: Jiuguang Wang / Wikimedia (1)

“The establishment media primarily exists to defend the establishment and the growing readership of alternative news and opinion sites are making their job increasingly difficult.”

“Traditional campaigns and managed elections with predetermined outcomes are over as the media establishment can no longer control the debate, limit information flow and defend the political establishment.”

“We are currently in the middle of the long war of the Internet Reformation although the press will never mention this.”

“Today’s Media Establishment is an anachronism and relic of the Past   Ron Holland

Image: Emil Cardinaux (1877-1936) / Wikimedia (2)

Extracted from:
The Secret Media War of 2012
by Ron Holland

February 28, 2012

“The job of the press was to manipulate and control public opinion as well as voting blocks during the heyday of print media, radio and recently even cable news. The elites bought and controlled most media outlets, developed and promoted a controlled political opposition on the left and the right that allowed them to set the parameters for discussion and debate. America has effectively been a one party state for 100 years with power elites controlling the major political parties using the American style democracy both as their cover and to convey legitimacy on their behind the scenes manipulation.”

“This deception has worked historically because the media establishment has always controlled, commented on and manufactured public opinion so the power elite candidates backed financially by big banks, Wall Street and a few extremely wealthy families could maintain the false illusion of government by the people.”

“The truth about our history, political system and our own enslavement has been best shown by Judge Andrew Napolitano in his questions every American should demand answers to in his recent editorial What If Democracy Is Bunk?

The emperor has no clothes and the rulers as well as the power elites hiding behind the scenes are frightened.”

When a plurality of Americans can understand Judge Napolitano’s 33 questions and the answers, then the game is up and the truth just might yet set us free.”

CNL Editor’s note: Please read the excellent complete article:
The Secret Media War of 2012
by Ron Holland


Ron Holland [send him mail] is a contributor to the Mountain Vision Newsletter, the Daily Bell and CEO of Biologix Hair Inc. based in Toronto, Canada.

Copyright © 2012 Ron Holland

“They are afraid of the ideas we express because they’re afraid of the people.” Pat Buchanan

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(1) Magnus B. Egerstedt puppet.jpg, by Jiuguang Wang
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