RIO+20 Conference: “Green Economy Is The New Colonialism”

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“…several European and other nations wanted to violate the sovereignty of developing countries and obstruct their development, by means of carbon taxes and other similar schemes.” –  Silvia Revora

“White, wealthy, western environmentalists are telling people of color in the developing world (…) that they can’t develop the way they want to. The western world has no business telling Africans how they can develop, unless Washington, Rotterdam, London and Paris return to swamps, jungle and wetlands. They need to level their big cities, and only then can they tell us we can’t develop our forests, our mining industries.” – Marc Morano

South American Leaders Declare: “Green Economy Is The New Colonialism”

June 22, 2012

While the RIO+20 Conference on Sustainable Development had been intended by the Green Queen and her cohorts among the population-control fanatics of the British Empire to be the next step down the pathway to establishing a supra-national dictatorial system of enforced “limits to growth” and genocidal population-reduction policies, the leaders of the still-developing and proud nations of South America and Asia have decided to fight back and say “No” to this imperial attack on national sovereignty and scientific progress.

On the opening day of the Rio summit, June 20, the Argentine Undersecretary of Planning & Environmental Policy Silvia Revora gave an interview to Veintitres magazine in which she warned that several European and other nations wanted to violate the sovereignty of developing countries and obstruct their development, by means of carbon taxes and other similar schemes, declaring that “We say ‘no’ to the imposition of a green economy, and ‘yes’ to sovereign development, in which we control our resources on the basis of our reality”.

Today, on the closing day of the summit, in his speech to the 50,000 delegates gathered at the conference, Bolivian President Evo Morales attacked the concept of the green economy as oligarchical and colonialist, and called on developing countries to nationalize their natural resources. Morales declared:

“Basic services can never be privatized. They are the responsibility of the State. ‘Green economy’ is a new colonialism meant to subjugate anti-capitalist governments and nations. It [is designed] to colonize and privatize biodiversity at the service of a few…

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