The challenge awaiting Mexico under President Peña Nieto

Enrique Peña Nieto (2010) / Wikimedia Commons *

“The actual issue in Mexico’s July 1 presidential election — albeit unknown to the vast majority of the participants in that election, on all sides of the political spectrum — was London’s drive to consummate their 30-year drug-driven coup d’etat against Mexico.” LaRouchePAC (1)


Presidential election in Mexico report PRI candidate Enrique Peña Nieto as the winner: 

“The results are a stunning blow for the PAN party which ruled Mexico for 12 years under Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderón, and reflect a clamor from the population to return to some semblance of sovereignty and economic survival—both of which have been lost in Mexico to a British-run coup d’etat as a result of a 30-year long process of targeted warfare.

The coup was launched with the 1982 defeat of Mexican President José López Portillo’s international economic project, conceived in alliance with Lyndon LaRouche.

It was ground into the soul’s of Mexico’s citizens with a string of high-profile political assassinations, conducted at the end of the Presidency of the drug-linked, Bush-allied Carlos Salinas de Gortari: May 24, 1993 Cardinal Juan Jesus Posadas Ocampo; March 23, 1994 PRI presidential candidate Luis Donaldo Colosio; and September 28, 1994 PRI secretary general José Francisco Ruiz Massieu. The ensuing cover-ups of each and all of these murders was essential to producing a psychological and political impact on the Mexican population (…)

The coup was completed in March 2009, on Barack Obama’s watch, with the U.S.-sanctioned, fraudulent, drug-linked election of Guillermo Padrés as governor of the state of Sonora—a fact noted and acted upon instantly at the time by Lyndon LaRouche.

Because of Mexico’s strong Presidential system, and the U.S.-linked historical development of its republican institutions, the only political force in Mexico capable of rallying the nation at this time for a de-facto countercoup against this loss of sovereignty to the hands of the London-run international drug cartels, and to rejoin the international economic battle championed by López Portillo, are nationalist forces in and around the PRI party, and allied layers in the Mexican military—in particular those who have maintained a viable working relationship with actually anti-drug layers in the United States intelligence and security institutions. (2)


Financial Times Frets Over Possible Return of PRI “Dinosaurs”
–i.e. Nationalists–in Mexico

July 4, 2012

The lead editorial in Tuesday’s edition of the Financial Times, the City of London’s mouthpiece, expresses cautious optimism that the PRI’s Enrique Pena Nieto, as the next President of Mexico, will follow through on his stated policies of “reform,” “free trade,” and “modernizing” the state oil company, Pemex, by allowing in foreign investment. But they fret that the return of the PRI to power could also open the door to a return of the “dinosaurs,” key and code for the old-line PRI nationalists who have historically defended Mexico’s sovereignty and economic development.

The editorial, headlined “Trusting Mexico’s new president: Mr. Pena Nieto needs to show he has broken with the past,” demands that Pena Nieto complete the “reforms” that will wipe out the nationalists for good: “Completing such reforms, though, means taking on powerful vested interests. Who will win? There is unlikely to be a decisive moment. Rather, tussles between the PRI’s reformist vanguard and the ‘dinosaurs’ of its rearguard will be continuous. Inevitable reversals will lead many to wonder just how committed Mr. Pena Nieto is to a ‘New Mexico’.”

London’s recurring nightmare is the 1982 policy alliance between then President Jose Lopez Portillo of Mexico and the American statesman Lyndon LaRouche, which threatened the very existence of their financial empire. The actual issue in Mexico’s July 1 presidential election — albeit unknown to the vast majority of the participants in that election, on all sides of the political spectrum — was London’s drive to consummate their 30-year drug-driven coup d’etat against Mexico.

London’s Dope, Inc. apparatus will not have been put at ease by the one substantive comment in Pena Nieto’s victory remarks: “There will be no pact or truce with organized crime,” i.e., with the international drug cartels that today rule Mexico on London’s behalf. Whether that policy holds or not, is a central question now facing Mexico — and potential allies of such a war on drugs in the United States.

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, who came in with a reported 31% of the votes to Pena Nieto’s 38%, has announced that he will challenge the result of the elections and demand a recount, charging multiple cases of vote-buying and fraud. But he has not yet said if he will call for street demonstrations as he did six years ago (when the margin of difference of his defeat by Felipe Calderon was less than 1%, as compared to 7% this time).


*Image reference:
Enrique Peña Nieto, Governor of the State of Mexico; Young Global Leader in the Opening Plenary at the World Economic Forum on Latin America 2010 in Cartagena Convention Center, Colombia, from 6 – 8 April 2010

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