Lyndon LaRouche: The End of an Imperial System

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By Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr.
July 12, 2012

A one-time, virtual British puppet, France’s late President Mitterrand, played a crucial role in destroying the economy of more than western and central Europe from a certain date, through, in effect, the present time. The evidence continues to turn up. The original decision was made when Mitterrand, expressing a certain likeness to the intentions of Napoleon III, implicitly threatened all-out war against Germany, should Germany not submit to the status of becoming a puppet of what would become known as a “Euro” system under British supervision. The change which came to western and central continental Europe, occurred at a moment when the Soviet Union had entered a state of its collapse, during which what had been once East Germany was about to be unified with what was then “West Germany.” France’s President Mitterrand virtually threatened warfare against Germany, lest a free Germany be reunited.

The condition for peace set by Mitterrand, Britain’s Margaret Thatcher, and U.S. President George H.W. Bush, was the elimination of Germany’s sovereignty under what was thence to be know as “The Euro System”: the end of the sovereignty of the respective nations of continental western Europe. The present threat of the disintegration of Western and Central continental Europe, and the British Isles, had actually begun in those moments.

Now, suddenly, the direction of events is changing again, at the present moment, for the very much worse. An insightful, important current in the leadership of Britain, has proposed that Britain join together with the United States in a new orientation of the trans-Atlantic region—and, clearly, much more besides. It was almost inevitable that many would react to this news, as some of my own associates had done—temporarily, of course. Nonetheless, the general breakdown-crisis, as a spawn of Gramm-Leach-Bliley, the trans-Atlantic fraud which is termed “The Libor rate,” has lately been caught out by both the United States, and Britain itself, and by the tail at this moment. There are many uncertainties afoot at the moment; but, whatever happens, the present form of trans-Atlantic financial machinations, is at its present, actually mass murderous, and utterly very dirty end. All this was set into motion in about 2001: following the decadence introduced as the U.S. Gramm-Leach-Bliley hoax of November 12, 1999, the swindle which set the great trans-Atlantic Libor [London Interbank Offered Rate] hoax into motion for its effort to destroy, among others, the United States of America.

The target-in-fact of Gramm-Leach-Bliley had been the destruction of the United States; now, some leading circles in Britain have recognized that the destruction intended for the United States, was directed against Britain, too. The rush for remedies must now proceed.

I, for one, foresee the prospect of the turn to a “classical” Franklin Roosevelt remedy, that same original Glass Steagall law, which the Gramm-Leach-Bliley swindle had been created to destroy. This alternative is now the only sane alternative to the virtually utterly doom of trans-Atlantic civilization as we have ever known it. Similarly, some leading circles in Britain now share the concern which I and others here have expressed.

At the best, or worst of the matter, the net effect of a successful rescue from the current swindle of U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, President Barack Obama, et al., will also be a sudden, and deep shrinkage in the surviving portion of that which poses for money in circulation. However, in fact, there is no necessity for increasing the suffering of the population; exactly the contrary. The needed credit for prosperity will be forthcoming

I explain.

Much too much of what has come to pass as nominal money in circulation, has been turned into worse than worthless trash at a presently accelerating, hyper-inflationary rates. The hope of a happy outcome for such a situation, is to be located in what is to become recognized as a credit-system, rather than the intrinsic suffering of the many under a present continuation of a monetarist system.

Lest the discussion be entangled in exchanges of conflicting choices of the monetarist double-talk better identified as “usury,” let us examine the actual remedy for the monetarists’ mess which our immediate opportunity has dumped upon us now. When you think about all that, the result may be a fear concerning what we might think, temporarily, will have become a loss; but, then, look back to the method by means of which President Franklin D. Roosevelt saved the United States from President Herbert Hoover’s threat of an even worse depression than Hoover’s victims had already suffered. The threat to the U.S. and Europe now, is far worse than anything Hoover’s victims might have expected.

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