Jim Willie: ‘The US leadership is in the process of being exposed’

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“About five years ago, a remarkable fact came to light, about fractures within most agencies, departments, and ruling bodies within the United States. Deep divisions grew as cracks spread across the power structure. My best description has been of Loyalists versus Constitutionalists in the layout of the struggle.” (emphasis added) Jim Willie


The following is an excerpt from:
by Jim Willie CB, gold-eagle.com, August 2, 2012


Such upheaval is known by many names. The system is turned upside down. Those in office face the nasty consequence of the more universal legal system at work. Some will seek asylum in foreign nations, including the old refuge of Paraguay. History from the 1940 era repeats itself, since the evildoers merely found rooted sanctuary in New York, WashingtonDC, and London, if truth be known. About five years ago, a remarkable fact came to light, about fractures within most agencies, departments, and ruling bodies within the United States. Deep divisions grew as cracks spread across the power structure. My best description has been of Loyalists versus Constitutionalists in the layout of the struggle. The Loyalists had devotion and showed fealty to the Syndicate in charge, with the power of men prevailing over the rule of law. Their calling card has been the endless wars and the ample flows of ill-gotten gains where the underworld dominates, the cancerous banking system replete with bond fraud and contract fraud perpetrated with impunity and official protection, the vast monopoly of contraband and its flows into financial structures, the extensive application of control mechanisms to protect the system and to sustain it. The deep divisions are not resolvable without tumult and upheaval. The hope and prayer is for an orderly transition without the loss of live by innocent masses, nor the undue loss of wealth by the ignorant masses.

The locations of the divisions include the USDept Treasury, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Central Intelligence Agency, the Pentagon Chiefs of Staff, the USDept Justice, the Securities & Exchange Commission, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, the Congressional finance committees, and more. Many of the divisions extend from conflicts between elected officials and appointed officials. Refer to elected representatives versus the embedded syndicate. The USDept Treasury for instance does not have significant turnover from one election to the next. In fact, when a new Treasury Secretary is to be appointed and approved, the syndicate message is to have in place someone with experience, to avoid on-the-job training. Translate to mean a syndicate henchman to continue the nefarious inner works. Numerous scattered reports have come from deep within the power centers of the United States. A reaction has come against the steady stream of executive decrees. The new sheriff in town from the East is taking charge with a team of international cops. Too many violations at the top have occurred. The claim that the United States is a beacon of freedom is much like Vladimir Lenin proclaiming a paradise for the proletariat in Russia. The US leadership is in the process of being exposed. The ugly rancid underbelly will be in view soon on the global stage.

Many quiet leaders are apalled at the course of events, who sit in offices that never receive much spotlight, but which harbor much power. The forces toward greater randomness go hand in hand with the movement toward free spirits. The forces toward reduced potential energy go hand in hand with the direction toward de-centralization of power. The entire broken system revolves around a toxic USDollar and its fierce defense by dark powers. Their failure is evident in the 0% official interest rate managed by force by the USFed central bank, together with the bust of sovereign European bonds. The USTreasury Bond ultra-low rates serve as a mockery to the asset pricing system. The strain with wars and press support add pressures from deep within the system. The conflict and pressure will grow until the pressure spills over. When it does, a new global system will be in effect, based upon Gold.(…) Complete article HERE

Jim Willie CB is the editor of the “HAT TRICK LETTER”
home: Golden Jackass website

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