Historic Event: Colombia soon to start Peace Talks with the FARC

Juan Manuel Santos and Hugo Chavez at Nestor Kirchner’s funeral /
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Colombia: Juan Manuel Santos seeks the path of dialogue with FARC

Pravda.ru – In an unprecedented agreement, the government of Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) signed on Monday (27), in Havana, Cuba, an agreement to end the armed conflict in the country, which has lasted almost 50 years.

The guerrillas gave several statements seeking a way out of the situation in Colombia through dialogue. The content of the agreement will be revealed soon by the Colombian representative, according to the multistate TeleSUR TV.

“Everything evolves very well and the conversations go from strength to strength, according to the reported common position” to both parties, Jan Egeland, UN representative in Colombia, stated to AFP.

The two sides agreed on Saturday (25), with the development, within a year and a half, a new design that brings together the claims of FARC, without, however, being “radical.”

From Oslo to Havana

The formal completion of negotiations is scheduled for the month of October in Oslo, Norway. “From there, delegates from the government and the guerrillas will turn back to Havana with a willingness to negotiate until they come out with the signing of a peace pact to end nearly 50 years of conflict,” stated TeleSUR.

According to the program presented by the Colombian authorities, the delegates’ travel to Norway should include a visit to the Storting (unicameral parliament) where they will participate in a debate on participatory democracy.

The director of information TeleSUR, Jorge Enrique Botero, stressed that the peace process began to be born in May last year, when they began secret talks in Havana, which involved monitoring of Venezuela, Cuba and Norway.

Also according to the broadcaster, the architects of this process by the FARC guerrilla commander were Mauricio, better known as El Doctor, who succeeded Jorge Briceno, known as Mono Jojoy. Also participating in the rebel delegation are Rodrigo Granda, Mark Calarcá and Andrés Paris.

For the Colombian government participated in the process the current Security Advisor, Sergio Jaramillo, the Environment Minister, Frank Pearl and Enrique Santos Calderón, the president’s brother.

First step to peace

In August 2011, through the then maximum leader of FARC, Alfonso Cano, the guerrillas announced a desire to undertake peace talks that put an end to the war that Colombia has lived for nearly half a century.

In video posted by the time New Colombia News Agency (Anncol) and sent to all media, Cano recalled that in his inaugural address, he promised to leave behind “hatred that had characterized the eight years of the previous government” .

In a letter published in April this year, the guerrillas said their willingness to dialogue with the caveat that “sit talking does not mean any kind of surrender and delivery. The reincorporation into civilian life implies and requires a different Colombia.” And the statement emphasized that “the will is official. So certainly we strive for peace among all.”

The way forward is not through arms

On Monday (27), the Attorney General of Colombia, Eduardo Montealegre, said that “the way out of the Colombian conflict is not the path of weapons.”

On the radio, Montealegre reiterated that “overcoming this conflict of so many decades is through a peace process” and stressed that “peace is a duty and a constitutional right.”

Source: vermelho.org.br, agencies
Via: http://english.pravda.ru/news/history/29-08-2012/122010-colombia_farc-0/

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Colombia signs in Cuba an agreement to start the peace talks with the FARC.
Negotiations will begin in the month of October in Oslo with former Colombian president César Gaviria as mediator.

actualidad.rt.com Rough  translation from Spanish to English by CanadaNewsLibre

After almost half a century of armed conflict, the government of Juan Manuel Santos signed in Havana, an agreement inicier formal peace dialogue with Révolucionaires Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Negotiations between the parties should begin in October in Oslo, Norway, and would include former Colombian president César Gaviria as mediator. The information was revealed by the news director of the Colombian radio station RCN, former Vice President Francisco Santos, a cousin of current President Juan Manuel Santos, who said that the Government will announce the opening of dialogue “in the coming days.”

“The agenda of the negotiations between the Colombian government and the FARC would focus on six basic themes, and for the first time would be discussed topics such as the demobilization of guerrilleros, ceasefire and disarmament issues which in the past have limited conversations” Francisco Santos reported.

Francisco Santos  released details of what is supposed to be a state secret, but whose development may affect the political landscape of the South American country. By the end of this week, the Colombian Government will make public the process of dialogue with the FARC. Colombia’s government has no plans “for now” to make public an official statement on the agreement to the international press, government sources said. Meanwhile, the former Colombian president Alvaro Uribe has criticized his successor, who is now a strong opponent. Uribe said to NCR that the government has had contacts with the FARC and that he found it “incomprehensible” and believes that “the only thing there is to be negotiated with terrorists is their submission to justice”, and that these dialogues are “an insult to democracy.” 

In a video released by the news agency Anncol and sent to all media, the top leader of the FARC, Alfonso Cano, announced in August 2011 the desire on the part of the guerrilla to initiate peace talks, thus seeking  to end more than half a century of violence in Colombia. In a statement issued on April 19, the guerrillas qu.elle reiterated readiness to begin a negotiation process with the government headed by Juan Manuel Santos.reiterated their readiness to begin a dialogue with the government of Juan Manuel Santos. They stressed that the return to civilian life implies and demands a different Colombia,. “Together we can exhume peace, without hiding surprises.”

Complete article here:  http://actualidad.rt.com/actualidad/view/52378-colombia-firma-acuerdo-paz-farc-habana

Related Information:
Alfonso Cano was shot and killed by army forces on 4 November 2011 in the southwestern Cauca Department in what the Colombian government dubbed “Operation Odysseus.” President Juan Manuel Santos confirmed his death on television, Claiming the Colombian army Dealt the FARC “the biggest blow in the history” of the guerrilla organization. Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfonso_Cano


La Colombie signe à Cuba un accord afin de débuter les dialogues de paix avec les FARC.

Les négociations commenceront au mois d’Octobre à Oslo et auront comme médiateur l’ex-président Colombien César Gaviria.

Après presque un demi-siècle de conflit armé, le gouvernement de Juan Manuel Santos a signé, à la Havane, un accord pour débuter les dialogues formels de paix avec les Forces Armées Révolutionaires de Colombie (FARC). Les négociations entre les parties devraient commencer au mois d’octobre à Oslo, en Norvège, et auraient comme médiateur l’ex-président Colombien César Gaviria. L’information a été révélée par le directeur des nouvelles de la chaîne de radio colombienne RCN, l’ex vice-président Francisco Santos, cousin du président actuel Juan Manuel Santos, qui a dit que le Gouvernement fera l’annonce de l’ouverture du dialogue “dans les prochains jours”.

“L’agenda de la négociation entre le gouvernement colombien et les FARC porterait sur six thèmes de base, et pour la première fois il se discuterait de sujets comme la démobilisation de guerrilleros, du cessé des hostilités et du désarmement, sujets qui dans le passé ont limité les conversations” a signalé Francisco Santos au moment de donner la nouvelle.

Francisco Santos a fait connaître des détails qui portent sur ce qui est supposé être un secret d’état, mais dont le développement pourra affecter le paysage politique du pays sud-américain. D’ici la fin de la semaine, le gouvernement Colombien rendra publique le processus de dialogue avec les FARC.

Le gouvernement de la Colombie n’a pas prévu de faire, pour le moment “, une annonce officielle aux medias de communication internationaux, selon des sources officielles.

De son côté, l’ex-président Colombien Alvaro Uribe a critiqué son successeur – duquel il s’est converti en un fort opposant. Uribe a confirmé que le gouvernement poursuit des conversations avec les FARC et que cela lui semble “incompréhensible” car “la seule chose qu’il y ait à négocier avec les terroristes, c’est leur soumission à la justice”, et que ces dialogues sont “une insulte à la démocratie”, a-t-il dit à RCN.

Dans une vidéo diffusée par l’agence de nouvelles Anncol et remise aux medias de communication, le chef des FARC, Alfonso Cano, avait annoncé en août 2011 le désir de la guérilla d’amorcer des dialogues de paix afin de mettre fin à plus d’un demi-siècle de violence qu’a vécu la Colombie. Dans un communiqué émis le 19 avril dernier, la guérilla a réitéré qu’elle était disposée à débuter un processus de négociation avec le gouvernement présidé par Juan Manuel Santos. Elle a souligné que la réincorporation à la vie civile implique et exige une Colombie différente, et qu’elle fest confiante que cela soit la volonté officielle. “Ainsi, sans aucun doute, nous pourrons tous ensemble exhumer la paix, sans cacher de surprises”.

Source: RT Actualidad – http://es.rt.com/dCO
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Colombia firma en Cuba un acuerdo para iniciar diálogos de paz con las FARC
Las negociaciones comenzarán en octubre en Oslo y tendrán como mediador al ex presidente colombiano César Gaviria

RT Actualidad
Publicado: 27 agosto 2012

Casi medio siglo de conflicto armado, el Gobierno de Juan Manuel Santos firmó en La Habana un acuerdo para iniciar diálogos formales de paz con las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). Las negociaciones entre las partes comenzarían en octubre en Oslo, Noruega, y tendrían como mediador al ex presidente colombiano César Gaviria. La información fue revelada por el director de noticias de la cadena de radio RCN, el ex vicepresidente Francisco Santos, primo del actual presidente Juan Manuel Santos, quien dijo que el Gobierno anunciará la apertura del diálogo “en los próximos días”. “La agenda de negociación entre el gobierno y las FARC tendría seis temas básicos, pero por primera vez se hablaría de asuntos como la desmovilización de guerrilleros, cese de hostilidades y entrega de armas, asuntos que han limitado en el pasado las conversaciones”, señaló Francisco Santos al entregar la información. Francisco Santos dio a conocer detalles de lo que se supone es un secreto de Estado, pero de cuyo progreso depende el futuro político del país sudamericano. Antes de finalizar la presente semana el Gobierno colombiano estará haciendo público el proceso de diálogo con las FARC. El Gobierno de Colombia no tiene previsto “por ahora” hacer un pronunciamiento oficial sobre el acuerdo que hacen público los medios de comunicación internacionales, dijeron fuentes del Ejecutivo. Por su parte, el ex presidente colombiano Álvaro Uribe a manera de crítica contra su sucesor -de quien se ha convertido en un fuerte opositor-, aseguró que el gobierno ha mantenido contactos con las FARC y que eso le parece “incomprensible” y cree que “con el terrorismo lo único que hay que negociar es el sometimiento a la justicia” y que estos diálogos son “una ofensa a la democracia” dijo a RCN.

En un video divulgado por la agencia de noticias Anncol y enviado a todos los medios de comunicación, el máximo jefe de las FARC, Alfonso Cano, anunció en agosto del 2011 el deseo de la guerrilla de emprender diálogos de paz que pongan fin a la violencia que vive Colombia desde hace casi medio siglo. En un comunicado emitido el pasado 19 de abril, reiteraron su disposición a iniciar un proceso de diálogo con el Gobierno presidido por Juan Manuel Santos. Subrayaron que la reincorporación a la vida civil implica y exige una Colombia distinta, por lo que confían “en que sea esa la voluntad oficial. Así, sin duda, podremos entre todos desenterrar la paz. Sin más ases bajo la manga, Santos”.

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