SHOCKING: Tons of ALLOCATED Gold likely used by Cartel to settle Asian Margin Calls?

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“perhaps 60,000 tons of allocated, segregated gold have been improperly used by the cartel to settle Asian margin calls!” – Jim Willie


Jim Willie:
60,000 Metric Tons of ALLOCATED Gold
Likely Used by Cartel
to Settle Asian Margin Calls

By The Doc
September 5, 2012

The Doc sat down with the Golden Jackass himself Monday for an exclusive and SHOCKING MUST LISTEN interview!

The Golden Jackass makes the SHOCKING claim that perhaps 60,000 tons of allocated, segregated gold have been improperly used by the cartel to settle Asian margin calls!

He states that we will see $5,000/oz gold not from quantitative easing or the public entering the bull market, but from the cartel banks replacing what they improperly used in their leveraged games from allocated gold accounts!

Willie also informed The Doc that it appears that Morgan Stanley was used by the cartel to prevent a collapse in treasury bonds in 2010, and believes that Morgan Stanley was set up at the time by cartel banks as the next major financial firm to fail.  He states that there are no buyers for treasury bonds, and that the only demand for treasuries are interest rate swaps creating false, artificial demand, and that these IR swaps were what caused the 10 year rally & ‘flight to safety’ in 2010.     Go to Complete article and interview HERE

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August 31: (covered many topics in the Firestorm article below)

“Firestorms & Currency Twists” to survey the charred currency landscape, with a lead of a warning of an imminent bust of Morgan Stanley, where over 300 thousand private stock accounts might be at risk of theft, enabled by the US court system by virtue of their sanctioned rulings in favor of MFGlobal and JPMorgan, but watch the evidence of scummy ooze to the surface from the $8 trillion in Interest Rate Swaps from the House of MS in order to create a false flight to USTBond safety… the major central banks are scrambling in a panic to hide their failures, as their arsenals are empty… the Chinese Yuan is being prepared for convertible status while the Swiss Franc plays a loser’s game, but the USDollar lies at risk from the tumult in the Arab world as Saudi Prince Bandar appears to have been assassinated… the Petro-Dollar could be collateral damage in the fall of the House of Saud… a Jackass epiphany on the gold front is that if cartel banks are forced to relinquish gold from margin calls (cash dont work), then one could deduce that Allocated Gold accounts were improperly used by the big Western banks in their deadly leverage game, resulting in wrecked positions and the urgent need to locate sourced gold bullion before the next scandal erupts… IT WILL ERUPT, THE ALLOCATED GOLD ACCOUNT RAID SCANDAL, resulting in a gigantic sustained gold rally that will make history books –


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