Iranian diplomats out: Is Canada’s COWBOY Diplomacy taking the side of PEACE?

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Michel Chossudovsky, director of the Center for Research on Globalization based in Montreal:

This decision wasn’t taken in Ottawa, it was taken in Washington. (…) All acts of mediation and diplomacy and peace-building are being scrapped in favor of a possible military strike on Iran“. (1)

“It’s very unfortunate. We have to maintain dialog with countries and build peace rather than create conditions which could lead to a military accident. So I don’t understand why Canada would take this decision. There is nothing in Canada around relations in recent months which would justify this decision other than the sort of rhetorical statement that Tehran is supporting terrorists. But in fact if we want to analyze who is supporting terrorists, we could say that the United Sates and NATO countries are supporting terrorists including inside Iran where they are going in and killing, you know, Iranian scientists. They are supporting terrorists in Syria. So the world is turned upside down, and unfortunately Canada which has a history of peacemaking and mediation has now joined the bandwagon of Washington and in fact is replicating the stance of Obama’s administration in this regard.” (2)

Michel Chossudovsky on RT

CNL Editor’s Comment: Is our government, elected by only 40% of Canadians, creating the conditions which could lead to a military accident, potentially endangering 100% of Canadians? The first and foremost obligation of any government is to ensure the protection of the population from which it received the mandate to govern. In the Common Law, the government and its representatives are the “servants of the people”. We doubt that today’s decision was taken with the respect of this duty being kept in mind.

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Our governments have kept us in ignorance of the LAWS of WAR (…) Every time they tell us that it is lawful to go to war, contradict them. It is never lawful to wage a war of aggression. The only time, in law, when you can use armed force is in self-defense after you have been attacked.”

If an MP doesn’t agree with the actions of the government, then he should resign from his seat in parliament. If not, then he is responsible, in law, for the crimes of the government.

Chris Coverdale: Educate yourself on the LAWS PROHIBITING WAR

Chris Coverdale: Reporting War Crimes at a Police Station

Paying tax illegal if assisting the government commissioning of war crimes?

(1) Sent packing: Canada closes Iranian embassy, suspends diplomatic ties, by RT, September 7, 2012
(2) – Rough transcript by CanadaNewsLibre

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