The Creeping Police State: Jim Puplava talks to Lew Rockwell

George Orwell, 1984 / Wikimedia *

We do have a fascist system. It’s entirely corrupt. In the financial area, we have a bankocracy. I mean the banks, in cahoots with the Federal Reserve and the government, are running everything.” Lew Rockwell

“So all of the troubles going on in Europe are all about screwing out of the people of Europe more money to bail out the banks. Here of course everything is about bailing out the banks, protecting the banks the system is entirely corrupt. The government itself, the people connected to the government, whether it’s in banking, or state security area, or people who supply the spying equipment to the government, that sort of thing, they are all out there doing great. The rest of us are being taken out.  And it’s not a free economy. You don’t have a free economy. This uses to be one of the easiest pat of the world to start a business. Now it’s horrific to start a business. Of course, even more difficult to keep a business in operation!” (excerpt from a rough transcript of the following interview)

The Lew RockWell Show: Jim Puplava talks to Lew Rockwell


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