Expelling Iranian Diplomats: Is Canada selling its Soul to America?

shōnen ai / Wikimedia (1)

Almost half a million Iranians live in Canada. Many reside in Toronto. Tehran planned a consulate to serve them. They’ll have no representation now.”

Canada today operates as an appendage of imperial America. It abandoned its traditional commitment to equality, inclusiveness, and rule of law inviolability.

What corporate Canada wants, it gets. Militarism grows stronger. So does police state harshness.”

“Harper’s government, Canadian elites, its business community and military support imperial/neoliberal/anti-populist policies. Ottawa replicates Washington.

Stephen Lendman (2)


Canada:  no longer a fair arbiter and promoter of just causes?

Remembering Lester B. Pearson:

Lester B. Pearson, 1957 / Author: Nobel Foundation  / Wikimedia

Pearson’s ideas were mirror opposite Harper’s and other imperial aggressors. He wanted NATO involved with economic and social issues as well as defense. He supported an alliance for Western free market alternatives to communism.

He opposed nuclear weapons. He challenged Washington on policies he believed dangerous, provocative and destructive. In 1955, as Secretary of State for External Affairs, he was the first Western official to visit Moscow.

He spoke forcefully against colonial domination. He endorsed sovereign rights for all nations. He supported internationalism, conciliation, and peace. He was a worthy Nobel laureate.” (2) (emphasis added)

Remembering Jean Chrétien:

2003 – Chrétien opposed to Iraq war

President Putin with Canadian Prime Minister Jean Chretien (2003) / Author: http://www.kremlin.ru / Wikimedia

Prime Minister Jean Chrétien:

“The diplomatic process was bringing positive results. That was the view of the Canadian government. It was not, obviously, the view of the American government. We can have a disagreement there. I still feel given a few more weeks disarmament would have been achieved,” he said.

Chrétien also said that forcing a regime change is not desirable. Many leaders in the world are not his friends, but, he adds, only the local people have the right to change government. “If we change every government we don’t like in the world where do we start? Who is next?” (3) (emphasis added)

Canada’s downward trajectory

“Before Stephen Harper became prime minister in February 2006, Liberal leader Paul Martin tilted hard right. In 2003, he succeeded Jean Chretien. His 2005 defense policy review stressed integrating Canada’s military with America’s. He approved redeploying Canadian Afghan peacekeepers as combatants. Harper maintains the same policy. Canadians have no say. He governs in lockstep with Washington. (…)

Ottawa allied with Washington’s war on Libya. It’s partnered against Syria and Iran. It shamelessly supports what it should renounce. Doing so makes it complicit in the supreme crime against peace. It’s guilty of crimes of war, against humanity and genocide. It’s leaders are war criminals.” (…) “Ottawa’s on board with Washington. Its traditions long ago eroded and died.” (2)

(1) Example for shōnen ai artwork, German Fanart, originally published at Animexx community – This image has been modified. The original image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license. – The publishing of this image does not imply that the author endorse this article.

(2) Canada: Cutting Off Diplomatic Relations with Iran. Selling Its Soul to America, by Stephen Lendman, Global Research, September 9, 2012

(3) Chrétien restates opposition to Iraq war, CBC News. March 18, 2003

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