Jim Willie on the economic crisis: Planks to valid recovery

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  • liquidate the big US banks
  • liquidate the US housing market
  • return factories to US shores
  • reform the tax structure to lower corporate tax and to encourage factory return
  • end the wars to secure oil and narcotics supply
  • re-impose the Gold Standard.

“None of the six planks will be introduced, since all interfere, even collide, with the priorities of the syndicate.”Jim Willie CB


Excerpts from:

No CB Solutions: Liquidity vs Insolvency, by Jim Willie, FinancialSense.com, Sept. 6, 2012

(…) “The big banks would never be liquidated, since they control the power of the USGovt, especially after the key events in September 2001 when the control levers changed hands more formally to Wall Street firms. Leaders rarely ever relinquish power, especially when the corruption is deeply engrained. The entire liquidation process would let go of power in obvious ways, but it would also open the door for revelations of past criminal activity whose prosecution could not be prevented or controlled.” (…) Keep foremost in the mind that no solutions are being pursued. Many are cited, but they are mere ruses in an endless charade to preserve power. The banks control the USGovt, and the privilege to control the US Printing Pre$$ should never be lost sight of.

“The Powers in office do not want a full disclosure of the vast Fannie Mae corruption that laces across two dozen federal offices and agencies. The Powers do not wish to expose much worse mortgage bond fraud, which might tempt millions of home owners to stop making monthly payments altogether.” (…)

“Unless and until much of the vast array of factories is returned to US shores, the USEconomy cannot recover. (…) The USEconomy desperately requires the return of jobs from the factories sent to Asia.” (…)

Mega-Messages on the Wall

  • Bankers know they are finished, and are cutting deals to avoid prison
  • JPMorgan is losing control of the USTBond & Interest Rate Swap structures
  • Every year another $1+ trillion in greater USGovt debt, more impossible to control
  • Control structures are breaking down in accelerated fashion
  • Anti-US$ campaign is unstoppable with trade partners worldwide signing accords
  • An entire non-US$ system for trade is ready for installation, awaiting the collapse
  • Some strange unexpected curve balls are coming, like the Fall of the Saudi regime
  • A suspended Petro-Dollar defacto standard will cripple the USDollar
  • Little comprehension that financial crises began with Bretton Woods and Vietnam War
  • The destructive Fascist Business Model is in its final chapter, the climax
  • Lost concept of US Constitution and clear language of Gold & Silver
  • A major bank scandal is brewing, from illegal usage of Allocated Gold accounts.

Complete article HERE: http://www.financialsense.com/contributors/jim-willie/no-cb-solutions-liquidity-vs-insolvency

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