Lyndon LaRouche: ‘The British, the Saudis, and Obama want Thermonuclear World War III’

Lyndon Larouche

They want World War III, thermonuclear World War III. That’s what this is all about: That’s what’s on the circuits with all the intelligence groups, our own intelligence, military intelligence and others; the military intelligence and related intelligence of Russia, of China, and other countries. That’s what’s known.”

“But the point is, there’s some people who believe that the population of the planet ought to be reduced.Lyndon LaRouche


The British, The Saudis, and The Obama Administration Want Only One Thing: Thermonuclear World War III

October 3, 2012


Lyndon LaRouche gave an interview to Patrick Timpone on One Radio Network (http://www. for nearly a full hour without commercials Tuesday morning. Here is Mr. LaRouche’s opening briefing:

PATRICK TIMPONE: I saw on your website today, we had a couple colonels, and they were talking about this idea of Congress is not the ones who are declaring war, we’re just going on these executive orders to go to war. Tell us about what your thinking is…?

LYNDON LAROUCHE: What we’re faced with, if this President, current President were to be renewed for Presidency, I think we could probably say, kiss goodbye to everything that’s worthwhile, because what this fellow is headed toward is thermonuclear war.

And this was started earlier, but Obama was stopped because the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the United States got in the way of his continuing what he had done in Libya, and going into Syria. And so, for the better part of a year, in terms of lapse of time, Obama’s been blocked on getting to a thermonuclear war.

There are other things. Russia, of course, is on the other side, China, and a lot of other countries, wish to avoid that thing, and only if the United States under its President were to act, does the capability exist for the intention to have a thermonuclear war whose primary targets, immediately, would be Russia and China, among others. But if such a war were launched, it would be a world war, and it would probably take about less than an hour and half to turn the whole planet into a nuclear winter of several years’ duration, which means the virtual extermination of the human species.

So right now, the people who are pushing Obama, still, are making a terrible mistake. Some of our Republicans aren’t such prizes either, but I don’t think they’re headed for thermonuclear war; Obama is, and we’ve seen the evidence of that. He’s quite impeachable on what he’s done. I mean, he actually, deliberately, consciously, set up our leading representative (in Libya) at that time, set him up to be slaughtered, he and some others!

TIMPONE: You write and you’ve been talking about this whole thing in Libya, in Benghazi with Mr. Stevens. Do you believe that this administration, Lyndon LaRouche, set him up?

LAROUCHE: Well, there’s no question that the Obama administration itself did set him up, and the evidence on that is conclusive. He did set them up!

TIMPONE: How do you know that?

LAROUCHE: Well, first of all, we have a lot of people in our military and security services; we also have people in foreign countries. This thing was set up by Obama; Susan Rice was an accomplice in trying to pull thing this off; but Obama himself set the thing up. And that evidence is out there and it’s really conclusive. It’s a total of a lot of pieces of evidence…

TIMPONE: From different people in the military, around that area?

LAROUCHE: Let’s say our military intelligence capabilities, taking the whole augmentation of security intelligence, military intelligence and so forth, all of these things together, add up to a total which say, the President not only lied, but he willfully set up the operation against Stevens.

TIMPONE: For what purpose? What would be the motive?

LAROUCHE: Because the guy’s not fit to be in government. The man should have been removed from government, the evidence was known, but some people internationally, as well as in the United States, decided to push this thing, this Obama operation, for a second term. And Obama’s intention to have a second term, or his backers’ second term, is actually what the danger of war is.

Because, in order to have what he intends, only with the ability represented by the United States military today, could you actually launch the kind of war he’s aimed at. In other words, Britain has certain capabilities and so forth, other nations have capabilities, but without the United States, they don’t have the capability, now, to do what a thermonuclear war represents! And therefore, the important thing here, is to prevent this guy from getting a continued grip — let’s hope he gets defeated right at the post, right away. But if he stays in office, a lot of people are going to be dead, and maybe all of us.

TIMPONE: So you’re saying that the powers, the money elite, the bankers, whoever this military-industrial complex, they want Mr. Obama for a second term?

LAROUCHE: In a sense they want him. They want to use him. The thing comes from a certain faction which is the British and Saudi faction. For example, it was British agents who were actually involved in setting up Stevens. They were the group that was in there, doing it. The intention was done by other people, but it was a British authorization that did this thing. And Obama was fully witting and went along with. Susan Rice was totally witting, she lied her head off, during all this business. So, it’s clear.

But the point is, there’s some people who believe that the population of the planet ought to be reduced. They believe that we ought to cut down the food supply for our people. As a matter of fact, if we don’t get a change in policy, a lot of people are going to die of starvation in the United States, because we do not have the food supply to continue to sustain the present population.

TIMPONE: Hmm! What can you give us, with your intelligence and from your experience, of what has gone on in Libya, that is not being reported in the mainstream media, Lyndon LaRouche?

LAROUCHE: Well, the whole thing is that. Obama cut Stevens and company, shut them off from any communication and any support during the course of the week leading up to this event. He did it willfully and the evidence is conclusive. There are a lot of people out there who have done it. We probably have about 30 or 40 different sources, who are official sources of the United States or other countries, who have presented the evidence, put the evidence on record in circles now. So, it’s only the lack of the press, the fate of the press to push ahead with discovering the evidence; the leading press, the intelligence-related press, all have conclusive evidence on this operation.

TIMPONE: And this, then, it would be obvious, then, to foment support for more United States military intervention into Libya and other places over there.

LAROUCHE: No. No, they don’t want to an intervention, they don’t want additional support. They want World War III, thermonuclear World War III. That’s what this is all about: That’s what’s on the circuits with all the intelligence groups, our own intelligence, military intelligence and others; the military intelligence and related intelligence of Russia, of China, and other countries. That’s what’s known. The intention is what’s not said, is the exact date, on which the intention is to launch, get the United States. The opposition has been largely coming from the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who are warning against a “nuclear winter” (audio loss, 9:35) of what is being done by the British and Saudis, and the Obama Administration.

So it’s not an escalation of tension. The escalation is there, in terms of tension. But the point is it’s going for a very specific objective. And you know, for example, the Russians have said the same thing that our people say, that others in other parts of the world are saying: That this is the intention on the part of Obama, to launch, to cause the launch, of a thermonuclear war. Now, that’s a war that will last for not more than an hour and a half! And after that, you will be in a nuclear winter. Which means that the threat is to the very extinction of the human species if this were to happen. And everybody’s who’s in on this thing, who knows it, knows exactly what I know.

TIMPONE: Really! But then, the people, the powers that be, that have the power to pull this off and to control Mr. Obama, they — Mr. LaRouche, they have to know the effects, the long-term effects of a nuclear war on any scale, so what would be the point there? I mean, why…?

LAROUCHE: The point is, that certain people in Britain and in Saudi Arabia, and inside the United States, the Obama administration in particular, these three entities are determined, for their own reasons, to go to this operation. The point is, the option is, either we surrender to them, or they go to war. There’s no middle ground.


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