7.7 Earthquake and 37 strange 10km-depth aftershocks: Is BC being HAARPerized?

Image source: USGS *

Mag. Masset, Canada 2012-10-28 Lat. Lon. Depth (km)
7.7 139km S 03:04:10 52.769°N 131.927°W 17.5
4.8 202km S 03:52:24 52.199°N 131.986°W 10.9
5.1 237km SSW 04:25:17 52.019°N 133.370°W 10.1
4.6 140km SSW 04:33:51 52.906°N 133.120°W 10.0
4.7 162km SSW 04:41:05 52.592°N 132.670°W 10.0
4.3 180km S 04:54:46 52.403°N 132.439°W 10.1

4.5 178km S 05:02:49 52.409°N 132.165°W 10.3
4.3 169km S 05:15:12 52.499°N 132.222°W 10.1
4.3 211km S 05:21:36 52.139°N 131.571°W 10.0
4.1 248km S 05:38:38 51.786°N 132.312°W 10.1
4.2 181km SSW 05:47:08 52.429°N 131.451°W 10.1
4.5 139km SSW 05:51:17 52.815°N 132.714°W 10.3
5.0 203km S 06:16:53 52.268°N 131.212°W 11.5
4.4 231km S 07:02:19 51.941°N 131.836°W 10.8
4.6 212km S 07:12:14 52.109°N 132.221°W 10.0
4.9 140km S 07:16:37 52.775°N 132.456°W 11.3
5.0 198km SSE 07:25:22 52.270°N 131.493°W 10.6
4.3 216km S 08:22:04 52.066°N 132.073°W 10.0
4.2 277km SSW 08:47:38 51.634°N 133.314°W 10.0
4.2 215km S 09:15:48 52.102°N 131.653°W 10.0
5.1 200km S 09:17:27 52.216°N 132.006°W 10.4
4.4 178km SSE 09:22:49 52.467°N 131.439°W 10.7
4.6 196km S 09:36:36 52.258°N 132.343°W 10.3
4.4 221km S 09:41:16 52.029°N 132.187°W 10.0
4.4 277km S 09:45:39 52.886°N 132.392°W 10.2
4.1 127km S 09:52:58 52.892°N 131.733°W 10.0
4.3 123km S 10:04:37 52.924°N 132.395°W 10.3
4.3 171km S 10:10:27 52.482°N 132.248°W 10.3
4.5 145km SSW 10:23:09 52.753°N 132.678°W 10.2
4.7 157km S 10:45:50 52.621°N 132.500°W 10.2
4.3 170km S 10:50:32 52.484°N 131.945°W 10.3
4.0 172km S 10:59:14 52.477°N 131.769°W 9.7
4.3 183km S 11:17:22 52.400°N 131.565°W 10.6
4.8 180km S 11:27:46 52.395°N 132.161°W 11.1
4.7 175km S 11:53:21 52.438°N 132.201°W 10.5
4.1 161km S 12:09:43 52.568°N 132.065°W 10.0
4.0 145km S 12:18:00 52.689°N 131.870°W 9.8
4.1 127km S 12:38:46 52.870°N 132.204°W 10.1

Data source: USGS

October 28, 2012: 7.7 Earthquake

10/28/2012 — Canada 7.7M earthquake UPDATE

Tsunami Warning for Hawaii After Earthquake in Canada
– Hawaii County Civil Defense


“It can be observed that there is a correlation between seismic activity and the ionosphere, through the control of Radio Frequencies Induced by force fields, which is a HAARP feature, and it can be concluded that:

  1. Earthquakes identical in depth and linearly on the same fault are caused by induced frequency linear projection.
  2. A coordinated satellite configuration can generate concentrated frequency projections targeting specific points (force fields).
  3. A diagram shows that earthquakes considered to be artificial propagate linearly at the same depth.”(1) (emphasis added)


 Was the March 11, 2011 – 9.0 magnitude – Japan Earthquake induced?

The image above was downloaded from the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) websiteIt is a time-frequency spectrogram, which shows the frequency content of signals recorded by the HAARP Induction Magnetometer. This instrument, provided by the University of Tokyo, measures temporal variations in the geomagnetic field (Earth’s magnetosphere) in the ULF (ultra-low frequency) range of 0-5 Hz.  Notions have been added to the image to show you what was happening the day the Japan earthquake and tsunami struck.

By looking at the accompanying HAARP spectrum chart above you can see when the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck – red line drawn vertically – and what was happening before and after the earthquake.  What you can also see is a constant ULF frequency of 2.5 Hz being recorded by the magnetometer.  The ULF 2.5 Hz frequency is evidence of an induced earthquake.  The chart recorded this constant before, during and after the 9.0 magnitude earthquake struck.  On March 11, 2011 the 2.5 Hz ULF frequency was being emitted and recorded from 0:00 hours to about 10:00 hours – or for 10 hours.  We know for a fact that the Japan earthquake lasted only a few minutes so why was the earthquake signature frequency (2.5 Hz) being recorded for 10 hours on the morning of March 11, 2011?  Because a HAARP phased array antenna system was broadcasting (transmitting) the 2.5Hz ULF frequency and it triggered the Japan earthquake and ensuing tsunami.(2) (emphasis added)

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HAARP or “quake wave” precursor– Feb 25, 2011

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  • Canada’s close shave: British Columbia escapes earthquake disaster, by RT, posted on October 28, 2012 – “The inhabitants of British Columbia narrowly escaped the 7.7 magnitude quake that struck off the Canadian coast. A tsunami alert was issued for the country’s west coast, but if the mammoth quake had struck a city it would have caused sizable damage.”


(1) Pravda.ru (24.01.2010)
(2) http://socioecohistory.wordpress.com/2011/03/28/haarp-magnetometer-data-shows-japan-earthquake-was-induced/

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