CIA chief Petraeus’ resignation: Sex, Drones, and Rock&Roll?

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CIA Director David Petraeus announced mid Friday that he has resigned from the Central Intelligence Agency. (…) a four-star general, Petraeus retired from the Army in August 2011 – in Afghanistan, Petraeus was Obama’s choice to replace Stanley McChrystal, the general who blew his career during a Rolling Stone interview … (1) and was sworn in as new CIA chief one month later.


“According to the statement, Petraeus’ stepping down is due to personal reasons, namely an affair he now admits to having outside of his relationship with his wife.” (2)

CIA chief Petraeus resigns after affair – November 9, 2012


“The reality is that his resignation, according to at least one senior U.S. intelligence official, may well have been the result of more than sexual misconduct. Petraeus, in Lyndon LaRouche’s words, had become the “godfather” of President Obama’s drone assassination program. There is growing opposition to that policy of indiscriminate drone assassinations, and, according to the sources, that opposition caught up to Petraeus. (…) According to the source, a powerful minority grouping in the intelligence community and national security establishment has been opposed to the drone program for some time, and many top veterans of the CIA were furious at Petraeus for transforming the CIA into a para-military adjunct to the military’s special operations apparatus.” (3) 

Rock & Roll in Benghazi?

“But the timing of Petraeus’ resignation becomes more interesting once one learns that that he was scheduled to testify under oath next week before power House and Senate committees regarding the Benghazi consulate. Many speculate that it wasn’t an affair – but the desire to avoid testifying on Benghazi – which was the real reason for Petraeus’ sudden resignation.” (4)

“The latest word is that Petraeus will not testify before Congress about what really happened in Benghazi. He “may be called” on the carpet at a future time, which could mean never. His absence will help conceal details of the Chris Stevens murder and the build-up of US-sponsored terrorists in the Benghazi sector of Libya.”(1)

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(1) General Petraeus: “The Spy Who Loved Him”, by Jon Rappoport,
November 12, 2012
(2) RTAmerica,, November 9, 2012

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