Devastating: Craig Roberts warns of U.S. plans for nuclear armageddon

Paul Craig Roberts by Ann States/SABA / wikimedia *

Paul Craig Roberts by Ann States/SABA */ wikimedia

“Because the American press is a corrupt US government propaganda ministry,
the American people have no idea
that neo-conized Washington is planning nuclear war.”
Paul Craig Roberts
(emphasis added)


“It is important that people across the land, in the US, Western countries,
come to realize that the United States
rather than North Korea or Iran
is a threat to global security.”
Prof Michel Chossudovsky


Paul Craig Roberts Warns of U.S. Plans for Nuclear Armageddon

July 27, 2013

Former Reagan Administration Commerce Department official and syndicated columnist Paul Craig Roberts has written a devastating article, published Thursday by OpEd News, warning that the United States, since the early Bush-Cheney Administration, has adopted a policy of nuclear first strike. Roberts began his warning by pointing out the recent Yale Law Review article by George Washington University professor Amatai Etzioni, warning that the AirSea Battle doctrine of the Obama Administration is based on plans to launch a preventive nuclear strike against China. Noting that the United States could not defeat China in a conventional war, he warned that the Administration has moved forward with a Bush policy of developing a survivable first strike, which was first spelled out in 2002 in the Nuclear Posture Review. Roberts cited two Air Force writers, Keir Lieber and Daryl Press, who wrote that the United States can now launch precision strikes to knock out both Russian and Chinese nuclear retaliatory forces and could, therefore, survive the U.S. launching of a preemptive or preventive thermonuclear first strike against either or both adversaries. “Because the American press is a corrupt US government propaganda ministry,” Roberts wrote, “the American people have no idea that neo-conized Washington is planning nuclear war.”

Lyndon LaRouche warned, on being informed of the Roberts article, that the world is facing precisely such a showdown between September and Christmas of this year, when the trans-Atlantic financial system is expected to blow apart, driving factions within the Anglo-Dutch empire to seriously contemplate just such a thermonuculear first strike. The target would not be China or Russia per se, but would aim instead at wiping out 80 percent of the human race worldwide.


Read the complete article written by Paul Craig Roberts HERE:
“Who Authorized Preparations for War with China?”
The Two Faux Democracies Threaten Life On Earth
by Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, July 25, 2013

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(1) The Threat of Nuclear War, North Korea or the United States?, by Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, July 25, 2013 –

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