Syrian Chemical Attack: The Final Résumé ?

"Scream" by Idea go / *

“Scream” by Idea go / *

“…the lives of innocent children were used
as part of what was visibly a staged event
Prof Michel Chossudovsky (1)


  • Riyadh and Doha Paid,
  • White House Approved,
  • British Organized,
  • Libyans Helped,
  • Ukrainian Mercenaries Executed”
    Webster Tarpley Ph.D. (2)


Petr Lvov, doctor of political sciences:

  • “The chemical substances that were used against the civilians in Guta on August 21 were in fact produced in the Soviet Union. But they were shipped to Syria from Libya on by a security agency called BRITAMDefense.”
  • (…) it was the British security firm that hired the Ukrainian mercenaries to set the Syrian government up (…)
  • the attack was an operation orchestrated by the White House and sponsored by the Wahabiite monarchies.”

“So should Mr. Ban Ki-moon and the UN experts start an investigation of the BRITAMDefense’s involvement in the Guta attacks against the civilians? It’s about time that the Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs should stop providing explanations and start with getting some.” (3) – emphasis added


Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation:

we have every reason to believe that it was a provocation, a sly and ingenious one.” He added, however, that its perpetrators have relied on “primitive” technology, using old Soviet-made ammunition no longer in the Syrian army’s inventory.” (4) – emphasis added


Michel Chossudovsky, professor of economics (emeritus) at the University of Ottawa:

“Nowhere in the UN Mission’s report is there any mention of who was behind the chemical attacks. The UN Mission was instructed not to make any statements in this regard. The UN Mission, however, was fully aware that crimes against humanity had been committed and that the Al Qaeda rebels supported by the US were in possession of chemical weapons.”  (1) – emphasis added

Staging the Chemical Weapons Attack in SyriaGlobalResearchTV – September 19, 2013

(1)Syria: Fabricating Chemical Lies. Who is Behind the East Ghouta Attacks?, by Prof Michel Chossudovsky, Global Research, September 17, 2013
(3) Syria: The Fabricated Evidence, by Petr Lvov,, September 18, 2013
(4) Putin: chemical attack in Syria ‘sly and ingenious’ provocation by rebels, by Lynn Berry,, September 19, 2013

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