De Facto Political Prisoner in CANADA : Dean Clifford

Image by Naypong / *

Image by Naypong / *

  • He was born on this land
  • But he decided to secede from the corporate entity called CANADA
  • Then he opted out of the system which he says is bloated, inefficient, and corrupt
  • He sent proper notice to the various levels of government regarding his decision
  • He sent back his driver’s licence, SIN and Health Insurance cards
  • He is a peaceful, non-violent and self determined individual
  • He is a self-sustaining private entrepreneur
  • He is strongly opposed to the income tax and property taxes, as these are a violation of the non-negotiable individual right to property
  • The only law he is bound to by nature is summarized by three words: do no harm
  • His first and foremost duty is to protect his fundamental, unalienable and inherent rights to life, liberty and property
  • He is an expert in natural law, contract law and trust law
  • He has uncovered what may be the mother of all scams: our enslavement to a corrupt system through the birth certificate and the legal name game
  • He is teaching people how we have let public servants become our masters and how we can correct this situation
  • The internet revolution has made him is well known all around the world
  • He is very vocal about his CONVICTIONS, so governments are simply TERRORIZED by the information he is spreading around
  • They have him detained in solitary confinement in order to prevent him from revealing important information to other inmates
  • It is obvious that some Public Servants want him to be silenced
  • The presstitute corporate media call him a Guru; they are completely wrong : he would be better described as a Canadian Gandhi
  • He is a man of integrity, honesty, truth, law and justice

His name is : Dean Clifford

Dean Clifford - November 23, 2013
Dean Clifford, internationally known natural rights advocate – November 23, 2013


The issue the politicians and bureaucrats would rather avoid is the natural law. The natural law is a term used to refer to human rights that all persons possess by virtue of our humanity. These rights encompass areas of human behavior where individuals are sovereign and thus need no permission from the government before making choices in those areas. (…) Since the freedom of speech, the development of personality, the right to worship or not to worship, the right to use technologically contemporary means for self-defence, the right to be left alone, and the right to own and use property all stem from our humanity, the government simply is without authority to regulate human behavior in these areas, no matter what powers it purports to give to itself and no matter what crises may occur. Among the rights in this category is the freedom of movement, which today is called the right to travel.–  Andrew P. Napolitano, Former US Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey  (1)


“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion:
the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases,
while the citizens may act only by permission;
which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history,
the stage of rule by brute force”.


De Facto  Political Prisoner IN CANADA :
Dean Clifford

by Sylvain Marc Boisvert
March 13, 2014

For the purpose of this post, the words De Facto mean:
In fact, in practice, in actual existence,
regardless of official or legal status.

On the evening of the 24th of November 2013, Dean Clifford had just finished a two-day conference at the Marriott Courtyard in Hamilton, which I personally attended. This seminar had ended thirty minutes earlier with a standing ovation from over 200 people, in a demonstration of appreciation for this exceptional speaker on fundamental and unalienable individual rights and natural law.

Then, at everyone’s surprise, he was arrested, on the spot, by unidentified agents.

Actual footage of Dean’s arrest in Hamilton CANADA on 11/24/14

Until today, he is still being detained in solitary confinement at the Brandon Correctional Center. He has been deprived of his liberty for more than 3 months and a half now, and in spite of his numerous and repeated demands, they have not answered yet his question: What is the cause of action? And, as I understand it, a cause of action is the heart of the complaint; without an adequately stated cause of action, the plaintiff’s case can be dismissed at the outset, normally. But, it is evident that something is wrong with the system. Very wrong.

The official reason and/or the pretext for his arrest:
an improperly fasten seat belt…

The Canada-wide warrant was issued by Winnipeg police, who allege Clifford assaulted police, resisted arrest and obstructed police in the province. The charges stem from an incident at a traffic stop in Winnipeg on July 13 (…)” (3)

Behind the scenes : Another motive?

Dean was incarcerated for nearly 3 weeks in February 2013, for another alleged traffic infraction, where all charges against him were stayed. At that time, here is what Robert Menard wrote, in a letter he sent to the Ombudsman, federal MP’s, the Press, and other group of Canadians who are concerned about such abuses of bureaucratic power:

(…) although Dean is not charged with having certain political beliefs, it does appear he was targeted for them… Dean is in no way a threat to the public, nor a flight risk at all. To the contrary he is looking forward to his day in court. His being transferred to a maximum security prison is nothing less than an unlawful and inappropriate punishment for his beliefs. When asked why he was being transferred, one of the staff apparently let it slip it was due to him being deemed a threat to the staff and prisoners FOR HIS POLITICAL BELIEFS.

If someone’s political beliefs are justification for transferring them from a minimum security facility to a maximum security prison, then those same beliefs must justify transferring someone from non-incarceration to imprisonment. This however is Canada and beliefs which are unpopular to those who claim authority, are no reason to imprison someone nor are they reason to deny them due process when in the jail system on other matters. This is especially true when there is sufficient reason to believe he was targeted, assaulted and then arrested ostensibly for some driving infraction, but more likely for his political beliefs, which he is quite vocal about. (…) those who wear uniforms on the public’s dime, and who do not like the beliefs of other Canadians (…) have no right to abuse their office to punish those who question the source, nature and limits of their authority. (4) – emphasis added


“I’m going to assume all liability for myself and I’m going to be responsible for what I do.”

Political Prisoner : 

  • A person who has been imprisoned for holding or advocating dissenting political views. (5)
  • Someone imprisoned for holding, expressing, or acting in accord with particular political beliefs. (6)

Dean Clifford : An Individual Rights Advocate and a Whistle-blower

Dean Clifford is essentially a peaceful advocate for fundamental, inherent, and unalienable individual rights who is firmly standing up his grounds. He is a world-renowned expert on natural law.

At 37 years of age, he is earning his living as a house builder in Manitoba. He has already devoted 17 years of his life to the study, analysis and understanding of our fundamental rights as free individuals.

He is a man gifted with an exceptionally logical mind. With methodology and perseverance, through his own research and self learning, he has progressively become superbly knowledgeable in contract law, trust law, administrative law, statutory law and above all, natural law. His primary objective was to understand what’s wrong with our world.

And the internet revolution as made him renowned all over the world. Thanks to his excellent skills as a communicator, he has been a distinguished guest on several radio shows on the world wide web. In countries such as the United States, Australia, New Zealand, England, Ireland, and Sweden, everywhere more and more people are appreciating the way he manages to simplify such complex legal topics and issues, in order to make things accessible and understandable for the common man.

Last year, he was also interviewed twice on national Canadian TV (here), with a relatively negative tone, and he appeared also in two video interviews produced by Victoria Indy TV and by ShawTV (here and here), with a more positive attitude towards him and his different point of view.

Public servants have become our masters.

Former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote:

A sovereign is the source of his own powers. The government is not sovereign. All the freedom that individuals possess, we have received as a gift from God, who is the only true sovereign. All of the powers the government possesses it has received from us, from our personal repositories of freedom.(7)

By studying other predecessors in the field, Dean Clifford embarked upon a journey which led him to discover what could be the mother of all frauds. Nothing less. A fraud that accompanies us from birth to death. A scheme that starts with the birth certificate.

He understands, better than anyone else, how governments have managed to get from their citizens – from their subjects – an uninformed consent. We were not provided with full disclosure. He comprehends as well how they are gradually gaining a total control over our legal persons – the legal name of the birth certificate which is like the shadow of our biological human entity through which they can interact and dominate us. The public servants have become our masters.

But, let us remind that we are slaves because of our ignorance about natural law, and because we do not know, nor claim, our fundamental and unalienable rights.

Back in the year 2012, Red Ice Radioan independent radio program and news website headquartered out of the west coast of Sweden and hosted by filmmaker and researcher Henrik Palmgren – introduced Dean Clifford as follows:

From Canada, Dean Clifford gives his opinion on government, law, freedom and the legal system, which we are forcefully born into. Dean has been providing resources and opinion to help guide the Freeman on the Land movement for a few years. His material and videos, primarily uploaded and featured on YouTube, have been well received and spread far and wide on the internet. The material has been an aid to many who want to come to a better understanding of a very complex and difficult law system. He has also proven to be helpful for the already existing and spontaneous Lawful Rebellion Revolution that is ongoing around the world. Clifford shares with us parts from his own journey, how he’s grown, awakened and come to a better understanding of the system around us.” (8)

“His journey with unraveling the legal system and finding freedom started over a decade ago when the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) came after him for not filing taxes in which they demanded him to pay over 3 times his annual earnings. This just wasn’t acceptable with him and so he set out to find out how they and Governments manage to force their policy onto the people with impunity.

What he discovered was mind blowing. The peoples position in a society has been turned upside down where they have been made the trustees which are made answerable to Government and Corporations (…) From then on, he has managed to correct his status and undo almost every deceitful contract that he was originally tricked into. (9)

Dean Clifford has made available an impressive quantity of information on the matter for everyone to consult over the internet, on his own website and on YouTube.

And he explains how we have been stripped of our natural rights, and how these fundamental rights and freedoms have then been replaced by a few rights better described as privileges. These privileges, which may be taken away at any time by that same government, are tied to the duty and obligation to live our lives under their internal corporate statutory laws, acts, codes and regulations, under their terms and conditions so to speak.

He wants to help as many people as he can to realize that right from birth, through the use of the birth certificate, we were sucked in by a political system that has made us, without us being fully aware of it, slaves until our death. German writer and politician Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832) wrote:

None are more hopelessly enslaved than
those who falsely believe they are free”


How is he defending himself?

Dean Clifford / Still image from YouTube video -ShawTV

Dean Clifford / Still image from YouTube video – ShawTV

Dean Clifford doesn’t use the services of a lawyer. Because he is aware that, in doing so, he would then be granting the CANADIAN Corporation jurisdiction over him, something they are just desperate to get. The legal system does not appreciate his status as persona propria, and the fact that he uses Pro se legal representation – or if you prefer the word self-representation – rather than being represented by a lawyer.

He does not want to apply for bail, under their terms and conditions. Since he has done no harm to any one, he wants to get out of this situation under his terms and conditions.

He has been bringing to the court file various legal documents which, from what I understand, are documents that establish his correct status, which is totally independent from the governmental entity.

These documents are contractual in nature, and are showing that what he is claiming has been agreed by the parties. In justice, agreement of the parties is IT. That’s it. Contract law is a higher type of law that has superior power than all of the policies, rules, acts, codes, statutory law which are just internal to the state company and to those persons who fall under its jurisdiction. Judges are bound by these laws. Thus, it’s their duty to protect his fundamental rights. But it seems this time around, Dean says they are committing even bigger crimes in order to silence him.

He is setting quite an example. and more and more people are starting to understand what’s going on, all around the world.

An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust, and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law.” – Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968)


Court Hearings : Irregularities, Secrecy and Obstruction of Justice

It is obvious to say the judiciary and the federal crown are purposefully dragging things out and trying their best to not afford Dean procedural fairness and purposefully ignoring filings and claiming ignorance. The transcripts procured to date are clearly not a true re-enactment of what transpires in these hearings in which much is omitted and manipulated. (10)

During the past encounters he has had with the justice system, Dean Clifford managed to have his rights respected. Now, this time, Dean says that they are creating actual obstruction of justice by negating him the use of a Notary or a Commissioner of Oath, and by slowing the process through futile procedure requirements instead of relying on substance.

Dean says:

The tactics that they relied on so far to keep me in here have been, number one, denying me all access to a Notary or a Commissioner of Oath (…) therefore, anything that I’ve filed, they refused to even listen to it or hear any of the motions or anything that I’ve filed, because nothing has been notarized (…) So they have just ignored everything. (…) Their job is to literally ignore you … and to continue on unabated, no matter what you say, and convict you. End of story.

They don’t care anymore. They are just ignoring everything people say and do. That’s their newest tactic as well. (…) they are just doing their utmost to violate every possible law they can, without getting busted, to try to deprive people of any possible remedy in the courts.

(…) The clerk of the court didn’t want to accept the documents because they were written on lined paper, the only thing I’m given in jail, and – get this – there was no exhibit tabs! There were no tabs for the exhibits! So, you know, of course, I have access to that from my jail cell as well…

(…) So that’s just how pathetic this is. They are using procedure to defeat your natural rights, which is actually a violation of your natural rights. That means it is a legislative encroachment on your rights where they make you to jump through legislative hoops to access your rights. (…) Common law has no forms or procedures. (11)

Dean on the phone – his most recent update on the situation

It is definitely possible that a decision may have been made behind closed doors. It would also seem that they are getting annoyed that Dean Clifford is becoming quite successful in seeking legal remedy in civil court, once a single right of his has been damaged. Once he has been harmed by someone in the system, one of the tools he is using, from what I understand, is the commercial lien, which is an extremely potent legal weapon in order to seek proper compensation for the harm done by the wrongdoers in position of authority.

Needless to say, they do not like that at all, because they have been used to enjoy the protection provided by a complete immunity. But, as I understand, they would have only a LIMITED protection and they would be liable in their private capacities. Few people know that all public servants may be sued in civil courts for damages, in their private individual capacity, which means that they may have no protection from liability for their own actions as individuals.

In CANADA Corp. : are we back into the Inquisition ?

Jim Willie phD, a unique and excellent economic analyst, wrote:

The historians all too well are aware that the final chapter of a capitalist nation is embedded in fascism, as its institutions suffer from profound corruption, as inefficiency depletes the wealth structures, as the system breaks down, as the rule of law vanishes.(12)

In February 2013, Robert Menard said:

I think they’re getting scared I think they’re starting to realize that people are sick and tired of their abusive power and authority and people are saying no to it.(…) and I think a lot of people are realizing the people in the government, the bankers, the politicians, and the cops they all think they’re above the law. (…) it’s not a far stretch to believe that this judicial system is being abused by a a few people in order to punish him for his views and his being vocal about it.

I mean you’re not going to be able to silence it, because people once they see it, they see it; and once you’ve seen it, you can’t don’t see it and their violence as a response to it just further supports our belief in it.

This is Canada, and people will not be imprisoned lightly or easily for their political beliefs. People who claim that someone’s political beliefs are a threat to the safety of others, and therefore imprisoning them is justified, are in fact the ones demonstrating the most dangerous political belief imaginable. (13)

Dean Clifford / soucre

Every man has freedom to do all that he wills, provided he infringes not the equal freedom of any other man.

Let us remember again the fact that Dean Clifford does not promote violence, in any way, shape or form. He never has.

The government attracts people who have what St. Augustine called libido dominandi, which is the lust for power. It’s just as strong a libido as any other kind of libido, and even though they’ll take an oath to uphold the Constitution, and even though they’ll say nice things about the natural law, they really just want to take more of your liberty and more of your property and give themselves more power.(14)

And in the face of the government’s monopoly on the use of force, Dean Clifford is not afraid. He peacefully stands on his grounds. Armed with nothing, but his sovereign rational mind. He is using THEIR system against them, because they won’t leave him alone.

The right to be left alone

In an article entitled Violating our right to be left alone, Judge Napolitano wrote:

the right to be left alone – the most comprehensive of rights and the right most valued by civilized men. If we permit the government to destroy that right, we will live under tyrannies similar to the ones we thought we defeated.(15)


Life, liberty, Property and the Pursuit of Happiness

Now what we all have here is a game changer: the legal name game. Once they thought they had figured everything over, people like Dean Clifford are uncovering the inner functioning of the system and where it’s Achilles’ heel is to be found. As the gold market is the weakest spot of the entire financial system, this is a golden opportunity, a real game changer which echoes all around the world.

Dean brings to the world an extremely potent information that has ramification in all spheres of life, and in the geopolitical world, as well as in the financial world. This could even represent the major peaceful obstacle to the totalitarian order that wishes to establish itself over the entire planet.

Now, legally enslaved individuals of this planet are progressively waking up. A peaceful movement, like the one started by Gandhi is unstoppable. This is the movement of information which has the power to free each and every individual, one by one.

We all know that we are at a turning point in history. The issue that we are confronted with in this case is a fundamental one. We cannot stay silent.

This is why I hope you can contribute to spread this information around the planet so that unlawful actions be exposed for what they really are, and that with your help and that of popular pressure, a Canadian De Facto political prisoner by the name of Dean Clifford be released as soon as possible.

No Comment

No Comment

“They have no right to abuse their office
to punish those who question the source,
nature and limits of their authority. ” 

Rob Menard

Marc Sylvain Boisvert,
Creator and editor of
Owner, administrator and sole beneficiary
of the legal name known as : SYLVAIN BOISVERT

Marc Sylvain Boisvert earned a Diploma of Superior Studies in Music Composition from the Québec Conservatory of Music, and is a Doctor of Chiropractic graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

His opinions expressed in this article reflect his private individual views; he is not speaking on behalf of any group or organization of licensed chiropractors and he is claiming his fundamental and unalienable right to free speech.


Update – March 21, 2014

International Petition – Join the Campaign :

FREE – Dean Clifford – LIBRE


If you want to voice your concerns about what is happening to Dean Clifford,
you can write to:

The Honourable Peter Gordon MacKay
Minister of Justice and Attorney General of Canada
284 Wellington Street
Ottawa, Ontario K1A 0H8

If you want to write to Dean:

Brandon Correctional Centre
375 Veterans Way,
Canada R7C 0B1
Phone 204-725-3532
Fax: 204-727-3961

Link: Free Dean Clifford Facebook page

Related video:

“Learn the difference between law and legislation, the difference between lawful and legal, unlawful and illegal. Is there one? Discover the ambiguity of the rules government call law and forget to mention it needs your consent.”

Interview with Robert MenarWorldFreemanSociety – Published on Sep 11, 2013

Dean Clifford

Dean Clifford


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9 thoughts on “De Facto Political Prisoner in CANADA : Dean Clifford

  1. Hi, I just had a quick question.
    Has dean clifford ever given out a notice of understanding and claim of right indicating that he is a sovereign being in all this fiasco?

  2. “We will sell or deny justice to none, nor put off right or justice.”

    So reads Magna Charta, the very cornerstone of law wherever English law has penetrated.

  3. What is happening to Dean is Proof Positive that Canada is an owned province of the Pontiff of Rome’s ‘Holy Roman Empire’, and it has recently been realized that ‘so-called’ Pope Francis is just a facade for the real Pope Benedict (Ratzinger). – The Wizard of OZ (Gold) behind another form of veil. The Original US Congress (pre-1861), as puppets of the Pope’s HRE., passed an Act of Congress right out of ancient Roman Law regarding the disciplining of ‘disobedient slaves’ – Disobedient Roman citizens. This Act was called the ‘Fugitive Slave Act, 1850. and in Section 6, this is stated:
    ” In no trial or hearing under this act shall the testimony of such alleged fugitive be admitted in evidence; and the certificates in this and the first [fourth] section mentioned, shall be conclusive of the right of the person or persons in whose favor granted, to remove such fugitive to the State or Territory from which he escaped, and shall prevent all molestation of such person or persons by any process issued by any court, judge, magistrate, or other person whomsoever.”
    Remember, the ‘slave-owner’ in Canada is the British Crown (City of London administrator), and all lawyers-at-bar, all police, and all judges are ‘Officers and agents’ of the Crown.

  4. I Noel of the Crespo family, am happy to have run up against Dean by researching the Social Security meaning on youtube. Since then I’ve been following Dean and have tryed his teaching in the courts and found that as premature in the ideas I still won. In the winning aspect, what I mean is that I got a respond for the servants that lead me to believe that what Dean says is true and even thoe I plead guilty, the knowledge I gatherd thru months of continuance, really thought me so much of the courts movie acts and their intimidation. I lost the case but I won. I didnt pay for the ticket just one court fee and its STATE PROSECUTER (CROWN) gave me his information asking me to contact him if any of his policy inforcers harass me again and he will take care of the contract offer. So, thanks to Dean and all others voicing their rights.

  5. Dean scares the living hell out of the State because he is a man standing in his own power and refuses point blank to accept their status of ‘Child’.

    They are, by their actions in this case and others like it, only confirming their criminality and vicious tyranny in service of their masters.

    Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your family, they are raping our rights up in here.

    First they came for the sovereigns and I did not speak up for I was not a sovereign, oh, but wait, yes I am if I but know my true status and can speak to it, so, ah, perhaps I should speak up…

    Then they came for the freemen and I did not speak up for I was not a… Hang on, are we not all born equal and free? So I sort of am a freeman. Hmmm.

    In fact, sod it, I am going to speak up. I have had enough of this nonsense…

  6. First, I’d like to say that I appreciated particularly Eldon Warman’s comment : ‘Remember, the ‘slave-owner’ in Canada is the British Crown (City of London administrator), and all lawyers-at-bar, all police, and all judges are officers and agents of the Crown.’

    But, above all, I want to say that it is surprising to observe the fact that the FREEDOM MOVEMENT is not posting anything on the Internet in regard to this serious matter. Are they afraid for their own well being and that of their family? Why is there that alternative media sites like Alex Jones’ Prison Planet, Jessie Ventura’s Off the Grid, or Russia Today, for example, are completely silent on this important story? I am asking: Are they really working for the sake of spreading the truth and increasing human awareness? Are they really working for freedom?

    Why don’t we see any Facebook or Twitter campaign that could spread the word in order to reveal to the masses that any man or woman can be detained without a lawful reason in the so-called ”Canada the Land of the Free”?

    Why don’t we see, clearly identified, the name of the judge in charge of this case, in regard to what seems to be an inappropriate way to be handling his duties and obligations, which he is bound to inside the court and inside the legal administrative framework? The actions of this judge appear to be totally out of line with the recent position of the Supreme Court of Canada regarding the Harper’s Government disrespect for the Constitution in the Nadon story. Let’s not forget that one should be judged by one’s actions, as Dean says.

    Why aren’t the higher court judges and supreme court judges of Canada disgusted by the actions of a lower level statutory provincial Canadian court of this ”look alike judge” who is keeping Dean Clifford in jail? How can they tolerate what is happening to a Canadian land born citizen who has never been an employee, agent, or officer of the CANADA REGISTERED CORPORATION? How can they accept that a man like him be deprived of the most basic human rights on the face of this planet, in a so called free country?

    Why don’t we see actions coming from the part of any world organizations or world court that deal with crime against humanity?

    In conclusion: The people of the world are fed up with this generalized criminal government activity, this organized gangsterism.

    Wake-up alternative media. If you do no join in revealing this injustice to the whole world, I would then presume that you are yourself employees of the cabal…

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