BRICS Bank: The New Multipolar De Facto World Bank ?

BRICS and BRIIICS - Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Iran, China & South Africa

BRICS and BRIIICS – Brazil, Russia, India, Indonesia, Iran, China & South Africa

¨We might be seeing the birth of the BRICS Gold Central Bank…¨Jim Willie


Jim Willie (1):

as Gold Trade Central Bank
& USTBond Conversion to Gold (G-20)

August 23,2013

It was born as the BRICS Development Bank for construction projects extending from the alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. It later changed to the BRICS Bank. It will eventually become known as the Gold Trade Central Bank, the main processing center for supplied USTreasury Bonds accumulated by the emerging nations, converted to Gold bullion. At this point, the BRICS Bank is gathering in funds, typically in USTBond form. The details will be revealed in time, but this bullion bank will become a behemoth, and the core to global trade stability. The member nations will direct their FOREX reserves, largely USTBonds, into the BRICS Bank. The ruse is that infrastructure projects is cited in order to divert attention from US & UK attacks. The conversion of USTBonds for Gold bullion will make for a historically significant event in the Paradigm Shift for commerce and eventually banking, in brutal fashion, as USTBonds are redeemed (liquidated) for Gold.

BRICS Bank will eventually become known as the Gold Trade Central Bank

BRICS Bank will eventually become known as the Gold Trade Central Bank (2) *


LPAC (3):

BRICS Summit
to Establish Potential Rival
to IMF and World Bank

July 6, 2014

At the Sixth Summit of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to be held July 14, 15 and 16 in Brazil,  a new financial architecture is scheduled to be established. A monetary stabilization fund called Contingent Reserve Arrangement (CRA) and a development bank called BRICS Bank will begin to operate after the summit de facto in opposition to the IMF and World Bank.

The CRA will have 100 billion, with contributions from China of 41 billion dollars; Brazil, India and Russia, with 18 billion each and South Africa with 5 billion. The BRICS Development Bank will begin operation with a capital of 50 billion dollars with contributions of 10 billion and guarantees of 40 billion from each of its members and will be able to expand to 100 billion dollars within two years, and to 200 billion in five years; it will have a capacity of financing up to 350 billion.

According to the Financial Times, China also plans to create an Asian infrastructure bank that will rival the Asian Development Bank, which is dominated by the US and Japan. Russia Today reports that Shanghai is considered to be the front runner to become home of the new BRICS bank. China, Russia, India and South Africa are putting forward cities to be the host of the new bank. The choice of city is expected to be made on July 15. The leadership of the bank will be decided in July and will likely be rotated every five years. (emphasis added)


Jim Willie (4):
May 29, 2014

Expect each BRICS nation to have a central bank processing plant to convert the toxic USTBonds into Gold bullion. They will process the other sovereign bonds as well. Expect Shanghai and Hong Kong to have one, and Moscow, along with Delhi India and Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Johannesburg South Africa too. Other nations will host BRICS central bank satellites like Riyadh in Saudi Arabia and Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Eventually expect BRICS central banks to spring up in Frankfurt Germany, in Ankara Turkey, in Tokyo Japan, and in Tehran Iran. It will be impossible to stop the trend in diversification out of USTBonds and into Gold since it is healthy and part of a bonafide solution. To be sure, a large amount will be converted into Chinese Yuan and Russian Ruble, since much Eastern trade will be settled in those two rising currencies. They will both give birth to gold-backed currencies. Ironically, both China & Russia are in possession of far more Gold reserves than the global economy sees in currency flow for their Yuan and Ruble currencies. The energy trade will soon be settled in Yuan and Rubles, in response to the stupid USGovt sanctions that have all the appearance of self-inflicted shotgun wounds to the face and chest, even onions.

The usual tactics will be used against the BRICS & Associate nations which strive to rid themselves of the toxic USDollar. Many ask why the USD is called toxic. The answer is simple. It has USGovt debt behind it, which is financed 80% by USFed unsterilized bond monetization, the sheer creation of phony money to cover debt. It has Zero Interest Rate Policy behind it, which distorts all asset prices. It has permitted protected Wall Street criminality behind it, which features massive bond fraud, property title fraud, bond counterfeit, insider trading, and narco money laundering. It has endless fascist wars behind it, which sustain the hegemony and make crystal clear that the USDollar has more a military backing than an industrial economic backing. The usual tactics to prevent the BRICS & Associate nations will include bribery, threats of violence, more fraud, shared narcotics traffic profits, basic murder (assisted suicide), ostracism from the system, continued sanctions, and cash settlement in the metals market. The world cannot begin a resolution and recovery from the cancerous economic plight without discarding the USDollar and salvaging USTBonds. Already many nations are selling USD cash at a 30% to 35% discount for redemption in their native currencies, the ugly little secret along with countless other ugly secrets. (emphasis added) 




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