Financial Meltdown: History repeating itself – from Yugoslavia, to Argentina, Zimbabwe, and America?

Image by cooldesign / *

Image by cooldesign / *

Doug Casey (1):

  • they’re telling us we’ve been in a recovery for five year
  • people’s standard of living is going down
  • real incomes are falling
  • job opportunities are disappearing
  • 50% of Americans are reliant upon the government for their income

¨More and more, Americans are tired, frustrated, anxious, and worried about the state of their country. They are afraid of an increasingly violent and oppressive federal government, and they are worried about the economic insecurity which still grips the nation.¨ – John W. Whitehead (2)

Image by chrisroll / *

Image by chrisroll / *

¨The American people have been systematically converted to asset bubble participants, then to debt vassals after lost home equity, finally to cannon fodder with sleek armored uniforms that all too often result in a prosthesis. (…) The national socialists operate their base at the banking syndicate, the pillboxes being the major central banks. They spread debt slavery while they disseminate phony money, with a firm grip maintained on the monetary printing press that bears the Weimar nameplate. Their methods have not changed in 70 years.¨Jim willie (3)

¨You can’t solve a problem of indebtedness by continuing to print money. This is fraud on the highest, highest order. This is not going to end well. What they are doing is bluffing with the future of humanity. They are bluffing with the future of mankind.” – Rob Kirby (4)

Doug Casey: ¨all over the world (…) governments collude with each other in these clubs they belong to like the United Nations, the IMF, and the OECD, and they are all going in the wrong direction, which is to say more state power, more taxes, and more control(1)

¨(People) are looking for the government to kiss everything and make it better. They are be looking for the government to solve the problem. But the only thing the government can do is use coercion on some groups against other groups. So, well I see no reason why the situation’s going to change in most countries…¨ (5)

Surviving the coming financial Meltdown in America?

¨Meltdown America is a documentary featuring the riveting stories of three people who have survived economic and political collapse in such diverse countries as Serbia, Zimbabwe, and Argentina… And how their experiences and hardships foreshadow what’s happening in America.¨ (6)

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“The U.S government is not ‘We the People.’ The U.S. government is an entity unto itself. It’s as separate from U.S. society as General Motors or Apple Computer. So, its first interest is to look out for itself, and its only source of revenue is confiscating wealth from the American people. Of course, it will. Governments are always doing this type of thing. Here in Argentina, they confiscated everybody’s pension account three years ago. . . . Of course, it’s going to happen in the U.S.” Doug Casey (7) (emphasis added)



Have on eye on the past, and on eye on the present;
this way you can understand so much more.

Sweeping up the banknotes from the street after the Hungarian pengő was replaced in 1946. / wiki commons

Sweeping up the banknotes from the street after the Hungarian pengő was replaced in 1946 / wiki commons

Doug Casey once said he thought there should be 7 billion independent countries in the world – one for every human being on the planet. (8)

Every individual should take his unique destiny in his own hands. That is exactly what was teaching Dean Clifford – De Facto Political Prisoner in CANADA – right up until his arrest which took place on November 24th of last year, in Hamilton.

Free Dean Clifford!

¨We can ignore reality,
but we cannot ignore
the consequences
of ignoring reality.¨
Ayn Rand


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Catastrophic Meltdown Coming to America – Doug Casey, USAWatchDog with Greg Hunter, May 5, 2014
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