¨The World is watching the US – as fascistic unlawful police behavior becomes the norm¨

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd / wikimedia

Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd / wikimedia

¨a secret policy within the intelligence agencies
of the United States government
is genocide
toward the black population.¨


Photo by  badsci / wikimedia *

Photo by badsci / wikimedia *

US has secret policy for genocide of blacks: Lawyer

Aug 19, 2014

Press TV has conducted an interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, international lawyer from Vancouver, about riot police in the United States cracking down on protesters, using tear gas, stun grenades and gun fire amid increasing anger over the killing of an African-American teenager.


What follows is an approximate transcription of the interview

Press TV: Mr. Webre, in such incidents the initial demand and the main demand is accountability and justice for the crime being mentioned when it is committed but we see in various cases, most cases that the families of the victims are denied of that justice and that accountability. Tell us why?

Webre: Yes, well there seems to be a pattern which is becoming much more common in United States and just last week the head of the Benevolent Association in New York City police union stated that anyone who resists arrest in the US which is protected under the Fifth Amendment as well as under the First Amendment of the US constitution “should be prepared to die.”

And that seems to be a general rule which is now being passed among police departments throughout the US that they can respond with lethal force whenever there is any sign of resistance whatsoever.

Now this is not the case. The actions by the policemen in this case are unlawful and they are a criminal action, they could be manslaughter, they could be murder and they are violation of the constitutional rights of the deceased. And the action of the police department is an action by an organization that holds itself above the law and does not want its actions or its members submitted to a legal process and that is increasingly the case in the United States.

Fortunately more and more a segment of the US population is awakening and that is why we have had the various demonstrations including in Time Square in New York which was a response not only to this shooting but to the provocative words of the leader of the New York City police union.

So I think that the world community should take note of this that it is a manner that should be brought to the UN Security Council and that the police authorities and the national authorities including President Obama should be put on notice that the world is watching the United States as fascistic unlawful police behavior becomes the norm.

Press TV: Mr. Webre, talking about what you mentioned as the unlawful behavior of the law enforcement, the autopsy of Michael Brown states according to the chief medical examiner of the autopsy stated that Michael Brown was shot at least six times, twice in the head and that the rest of the bullets entered his body they appeared to have been fired from very close range.

Talking about the issue of over-policing and the excessive use of force, am I to know what is the roots for this, whatever it was, was it rage? Did that police officer just snap in that situation but it is not unprecedented as we have seen it, it has happened before in various instances specifically that one video I keep mentioning that took place in New York where an unarmed man was put in a rear naked choke and was strangled to death. What is the source of this excessive policing, this rage, and this anger towards – in this case the minority communities?

Webre: I think that there are two different aspects to that. One aspect I would substitute a “c” for the “g” and would state that it is not so much rage as it is race. And there are many studies in New York City for example that racial profiling is a statistical fact and stop and frisk and stop and arrest is based on race.

And the statistics of African-Americans who are in prison exceeding African-Americans who are in universities and in other areas of the educational system are quite valid. And there are studies which show that the predominant policy and this is a secret policy within the intelligence agencies of the United States government is genocide toward the black population. And there are many different aspects of that for example placing nuclear power plants downwind from the black ghettoes, sending inferior food to the black ghettoes, economic policies to the black ghettoes.

There is an intentional depopulation policy there and this goes forward and so I believe that this will be backed up by statistics and if the officer was placed on a stand …

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1. http://www.presstv.com/detail/2014/08/18/375770/genocide-of-blacks-us-secret-policy/


Police State, by katesheets / wikimedia *

Police State, by katesheets / wikimedia *

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