NATO summit: British Empire in a state of total desperation to try to assert its power?

NATO expansion (1949-2009)  / LPAC

NATO expansion (1949-2009) / LPAC

LPAC – September 4, 2014 – If the NATO summit in Wales shows anything, it’s that the British Empire is in a state of total desperation to try to assert its power, and it is leading its toadies, most prominently Barack Obama, down the path to oblivion.

The first day of the NATO discussions were characterized by bluff and bluster around lunatic policies all put on the table by the British government—and all likely to go precisely nowhere.

What are these policies? One is the mobilization of two rapid reaction forces, one deployable by NATO for so-called collective defense, and the other run by the British, joined by Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Norway, and the Netherlands, for intervention in Eastern Europe. These amount to the equivalent of the mouse attacking the elephant—but could serve as instruments of provocation, with unpredictable results, against the Russians.

The second is a policy put on the table by the House of Commons Defense Committee, in a report released at the end of July. This report, based explicitly on the idea that Russia is the enemy, calls, among other things, for a lowering of the threshhold for invoking Article 5, the article that calls for collective defense. That lowering involves NATO creating an Alliance doctrine for responding to “ambiguous warfare,”—which includes Russia wielding “non-military tools,” including information warfare!

A third is mobilization for military intervention in Southwest Asia, allegedly against ISIS, but based on Cameron’s (and Obama’s) explicit insistence that Assad is the enemy—i.e., an insistence that puts Cameron in an alliance with ISIS.

No one need be under any illusion that these plans will move ahead as laid out. The European nations and the U.S. are bankrupt, and will not come up with the billions they call for to fund these pipedreams. The Ukrainian government they appear to be backing, has itself been backed into a corner by anti-Kiev forces in the Southeast, and have been forced to the negotiating table. The balance of forces is on the side of those opposing this insanity—but that’s no guarantee that the powderkeg might not explode.

Indeed, Sept. 4’s announcement by European Central Bank head Mario Draghi of his new Quantitative Easing policies and lowered interest rates should provide ample demonstration that the transatlantic system is on its last legs. Draghi pledged the ECB to a policy that has already led to negative interest rates throughout Europe, and thus a new level of speculative bubble that could aptly be compared to the tulip bubble of the 17th century, where one single bulb was bid up to the price of $2900 (although no one ever even saw, or planted a one).

And while the transatlantic authorities won’t recognize it, they are also being declared bankrupt by the ongoing, murderous epidemic of the Ebola virus in Africa, which is well on its way to becoming a global pandemic, without the removal of the British Empire policies which have both created it, and prevented it from being mobilized against.

Thanks to the work of the LaRouche movement, and leading individuals—especially in China, Russia, and India—however, there is an alternative to this disaster of war and disease. The majority of humanity is rushing to join the BRICS process, to launch long-postponed building projects such as Egypt’s New Suez Canal, and to cooperate on advanced projects in space and other high-technology research. (…) Our fellow citizens, just like China, Russia, India, Argentina and billions of others, want progress, for themselves and their children. (…) (1)(emphasis added)


– excerpt from: NATO Dead, King Dollar Wrecked, by Jim Willie CB, – September 4, 2014

¨The big new twist which took the Jackass out of his chair was the professional hardened soldiers who have joined the Ukraine Liberation Movement (or whatever it is called), taking up positions against the NATO troops, against the Langley-Soros mercenaries. They are fighting against the Ukraine Regime in Kiev, against the fascists. These professional volunteer soldiers have captured some American Blackwater mercenaries, and are conducting interrogations. Later come the perp walks and criminal parades with photo ops. For these special forces from Germany, France, Netherlands, and Britain to show such extreme defiance is testimony to the broken nature of NATO. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization in my opinion is dead, as in dead kaput dead. The United States violated the treaty long ago in two key ways. The US placed ballistic missiles on the Russian borders, calling them defensive. The US has used NATO bases to distribute heroin for over 20 years, with the last ten years being accelerated from the Afghan source. Since the USMilitary invasion of Afghanistan, at the time under the stated purpose of building a Chevron oil pipeline in a land without oil resources, the heroin production has risen 14-fold. But the Jackass digresses.¨

¨NATO is dead, and the big new questions are whether Germany will tolerate USMilitary soldiers in occupation of its land at Ramstein AFBase, and whether Germany will permit further usage of the NATO base to distribute heroin to its population. Broken treaties are not new for the USGovt, which for two centuries has broken them at will, whenever it serves a greater purpose, like to manifest destiny. Atrocities and genocide are part of the American fabric at its highest offices.¨ (2) (emphasis added)

Volonteer fighters on one side:

‘For a good cause’: Foreign fighters join anti-Kiev militia in E. UkrainePublished on Aug 30, 2014

¨Four French volunteers fighting for the military arm of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR/DNR) talked with Ruptly in Donetsk¨

French Donbass fighters: We came to inform people of the reality of this warPublished on August 29, 2014 – Please click on CC for English translation subtitles!

Mercenaries on the other side:

400 US mercenaries ‘deployed on ground’ in Ukraine military opPublished on May12, 2014


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