World renowned Canadian Blogger – Harvey Organ : ‘CENSORED’ by Court Order ?

CNLib Image derived from original by Piotr VaGla / Wikimedia * commons

CNLib Image derived from original by Piotr VaGla / Wikimedia*

”I am harvey organ of
and my entire blogspot disappeared. I need help.”
Harvey Organ, Oct 10

Harvey Organ’s Gold and Silver Blog Taken Down
Exactly One Month After Predicting 2014 End Game For Silver Suppression

Harvey Organ’s Gold and Silver Blog Has Been ‘Deleted by Court Order’


A man who has been on the Internet since 1999,
the Toronto-based blogger Harvey Organ gave a bombshell interview
on September 9th 2014, to USAWatchdog with host Greg Hunter …

 ”Harvey Organ has been on a personal mission to expose
the “fraudulent manipulation” of the gold and silver markets since the late 1990’s.
Greg Hunter (1)

 I doubt very much if the United States has one ounce of gold left.”
Harvey Organ


 Harvey Organ’s Blogspot disappears

”Until today, Harvey Organ ran a blog detailing gold and silver transactions worldwide, analysis, and news articles from various sources including KWN, USA watchdog, Silver doctors etc. His analysis was generally not positive towards the Fed Reserve, IMF or central banks. He contended that there was little gold and silver in the Comex or bullion banks. He was well respected in the circles above. Suddenly his blogspot is gone without explanation…” (2)


In the United States, is ranked 46834,
with an estimated 87240 monthly visitors a month.


from Jesse’s Café Américain:

Several patrons have asked me if I know what has happened to Harvey Organ’s precious metals blog.

I have been given to understand by an email that his site on Google blogger has been ‘deleted by court order’ and in accordance with Google’s terms of service and content policy.

The specific terms of the court order or the originator have not been revealed to me. It is not clear to me that Harvey himself knows this yet. (…) (4)



Harvey Organ:

”somehow my entire blog site and all data for many years disappeared. I did not hit any delete buttons. can you help me?


Here are some more comments that can be found on the web:

”The popular HarveyOrgan Blog was deleted today and NOT by Harvey Organ. We want answers from Blogger.”

”HarveyOrgan has a large following for his popular Blogspot on Gold, Silver and precious metals. Today it was deleted and Harvey was not the one who deleted it. Harvey’s blog has long been unpopular with the Obama Administration due to his criticism of the Federal Reserve. We fear that Blogger has been coerced into censoring Mr. Organ’s blog and we need answers!”

 ”If this is an action taken without due notification or process, it would then be clandestine and a very bad sign.”

 ”Mr. Organ’s blog was very popular and was doing the nation a great service by exposing monetary policies that were destroying this nation’s economy. We will NOT let this rest until Mr. Organ’s blog is restored and the reason for it having been deleted in the first place, exposed!”


 Exerpt from:

Harvey Organ Predicts Manipulation of Gold/Silver to End THIS YEAR
September 11, 2014

Censored, by Piotr VaGla / wikimedia *

Censored, by Piotr VaGla / wikimedia *

Harvey Organ is a pharmacist who’s studied gold for over 20 years.  He’s an interesting man because he is: 1) intelligent; 2) dedicated to the point of being obsessive; but, 3) not a very good communicator.  I’ve visited his blog at and it’s more like an accounting ledger than a collection of articles written in prose.  I can easily imagine how Mr. Organ has dedicated the last 20 years of his life to intently studying the numbers and mathematics of gold and having thereby achieved a significant expertise on that subject and yet, having so far been unable to communicate his knowledge in a way that can be easily understood by most people. I think the man has worked to know a lot about gold. (…)

Mr. Organ contends that the US Treasury of gold is exhausted and can no longer be relied on to secretly supply gold to back up the Comex and/or LBMA gold bullion markets. Judging from the Federal Reserve’s inability to return more than 5 tons of the 300 tons of gold recently demanded by Germany, he’s probably right.  If he is right, Comex and LBMA gold markets will soon be unable to supply physical gold to any of their investors.  At that moment, those paper markets (and their ability to manipulate the price of physical gold) should cease to exist. – emphasis added

  • Put another way, according to Mr. Organ, the mathematics of the current demand for gold (4,000 tons per year) versus the supply of new gold (2,200 tons per year) leaves a deficit of 1,800 tons per year.

Mr. Organ contends:

1) This 1,800 tons/year deficit has been secretly supplied into the Comex and LBMA markets by the US Treasury, the Federal Reserve and other central banks for the purpose of suppressing the price of gold.

2) Knowing the amount of gold that is secretly removed from the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and other central banks, and knowing what those institutions probably hold as their previous and current gold supply, Mr. Organ calculates that those institutions, plus Comex and the LBMA markets will be completely devoid of physical gold by about November of this year.

3) Without the secret supply of gold (from the US Treasury, Fed, etc.) to back the Comex & LBMA paper gold markets, those markets will be unable to deliver physical gold to settle their accounts.  That inability to deliver will constitute a default.  Once the markets for paper gold default on delivery of physical gold, the system’s ability to manipulate and suppress the price of physical gold prices will end.

4) Once the paper-gold price manipulation scheme ends, the price of physical gold will skyrocket.

Mr. Organ predicts that the price of gold could hit $4,000 in November of this year and $10,000 in January of A.D. 2015. (…)

I’d bet that, for China, it may be sufficient victory to force the US to admit it has no more gold.

I doubt that China would want to collapse the world economy by making a big fuss because it can’t get the gold it’s contracted to receive on the LBMA or Comex.  If China can’t get more physical gold at paper-gold prices, I suspect that China will simply grimace and bear it.

Nevertheless, I’m convinced that Mr. Organ’s fundamental argument is correct:  the key to the gold-price suppression scheme is the supply of physical gold held by the US Treasury, Federal Reserve and other central banks that’s being secretly supplied to Comex and LBMA markets.   When the supply of physical gold is exhausted, the markets for paper gold won’t be able to deliver any physical gold, the paper markets will collapse, and the price of physical gold will rise significantly. (…) (5)


Image by Stuart Miles / *

Censored by Stuart Miles / *

Greg Hunter:

Organ says when China and Russia disclose the true amount of gold they hold, there will be a price spike never before seen in the history of the world. (…)  They have Comex surrounded (with long positions on silver) and that is the end game.”Organ adds, “It will be a failure to deliver, and a failure to deliver is the same as a default.  China is going to demand what they want.”   Is all the war talk in the South China Sea and in the Ukraine crisis and ISIS in the Middle East a way to cover over a financial calamity?  Organ says, “That’s exactly why you are seeing this.  You got it.  That’s exactly what’s happening.  It’s a physical default, and China is not going to sit idly by.  It will want its silver back or it will say I will tell the world, or it will flood the world with its $3 trillion U.S. dollars. . . . The whole thing is going to happen all at once.  You are going to see it.”  (1) – emphasis added

Harvey Organ- By December Whole Thing Going to CollapseGreg Hunter

Harvey Organ:

”the high open interest in silver is creating nightmares to our bankers as they cannot get the monkey off their backs.”The registered vaults at the GLD will eventually become a crime scene as real physical gold departs for eastern shores leaving behind paper obligations to the remaining shareholders. There is no doubt in my mind that GLD has nowhere near the gold that say they have and this will eventually lead to the default at the LBMA and then onto the comex in a heartbeat.”

Finally, here is one of the latest comment found on (6)

Screenshot from 2014-10-11 15:58:04UPDATE 10-12-14 (7)

You need to decide, did Harvey hit a nerve?

They have refused so far to attach the “court order”. I have asked 4 times for the copy and each time it goes unanswered.

The Greg Hunter interview probably is one of the causes of the takedown.

There are probably 3 areas that concern the establishment with respect to what I have been stating over the past several months;

i) the use of “kilobars” in a comex gold inventory which should be 100 oz bars and obviously that there something amiss here.

However it did bring this up with CFTC officials and instead of answering me, they stated that the information is confidential!!

confidential to the CFTC>????
Basically stated in other words: the comex gold inventory is phony!!

The use of xxx.000 oz in silver (and in gold ) which should not happen in the real world of physical deposits/withdrawals.

ii) the high OI in silver against its low price:

This bothers the CFTC because it is against their manfra of price discovery.
However it gets worse if they are aware that the longs in silver are in reality Sovereign Mainland China who are ready to pounce on the silver that is owed to them. This would be totally illegal on the Comex. It would spell collusion with the CFTC officials as they would be aware of the crime yet remain silent.

iii) the manipulation of the GOFO rates trying to keep them from entering official gold/silver backwardation.
As you are aware, Shanghai is in complete backwardation in silver yet the comex is slightly in contango.
Why the difference? Bankers manipulating rates again..Heavens it cannot be so….

there may be others.

pass on to Jim Sinclair.

all the best.

p.s. I need help legally on this.


UPDATE 10-13-14 (8)

Harvey Organ Updates His Readers – Will Continue Posting on SilverDoctors

”Hello, We’d like to inform you that we’ve received a court order regarding your blog In accordance with the terms of the court order, we have removed content previously located at: A copy of the court order we received is attached.  Thank you for your understanding.
Terms of Service:
Content Policy:
The Google Team”

Harvey Organ:

”I have sent 5 emails to google for the copy of the court order to no avail.I will be creating another website of my own.  

Silverdoctors has been gracious enough to allow me to post my daily updates on

All material that I use has been from public sources and I never infringe on copyright laws.”

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And – Free
Dean Clifford : De Facto Political Prisoner in CANADA


8. October 13, 2014

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