Illegal geoengineering of climate change: A dangerous prejudice to humanity

Géoingéniérie électromagnétique - Capture d'écran - Image radar USA, /  CNLib

Geoengineering climate change? Radar & sat. image, around Morristown, Tenn. USA / Screenshot 12/24/14 by CNLib – source: Intellicast – please read disclaimer

“A global control grid, manipulation of the ionosphere, aerosol spraying, microwaves, ‘smart dust’, creating or destroying clouds, stimulation of rain or forced desertification (…) the planet has been turned into a theater of war climate” (1)


  • Our skies are often striped, opaque, and whitish
  • The official goal would be to defend the planet against solar radiation?
  • Mainstream media ignore without exception abusive geo-engineering
  • Illegal geoengineering has now spread over most parts of the planet
  • Interferes with photosynthesis and all biological processes of all living beings
  • A climate change which is prohibited by agreements signed worldwide
  • Life and health are being sacrificed on the altar of economic and strategic interests :

    ”controlling the atmospheric phenomena means
    the domination of the economy
    and the control of resources”

“Techniques used to make rainfall are only a fig leaf to hide the illegal geo-engineering”

  • special additives added to aviation fuel
  • hygroscopic chemicals spraying that prevent the development of cumulus
  • intensed micro-wave beams
  • artificial ionospheric mirrors
  • air ops centers

Rosario Marciano, activist against geo-engineering and creator of the website, is the producer of the Italian documentary entitled “Chemtrails: the secret war.”

“Chemtrails: the secret war.”Ciel Voilé – December 21, 2014

English subtitling:

1. Excerpt from the transcript and translation of the video “Chemtrails: the secret war” by Rosario Marciano


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