Republic or Democracy : Does the Gov represent The People ?

Voter ID Warning Original image by MarkBuckawicki * - Wikimedia -  modified by CNLib

Voter ID Warning, original image by MarkBuckawicki  (1) – modified by CNLib

Do voters have any influence at all ?


‘The average American appears to have only a minuscule – near zero statistically, non-significant impact upon public policy. So if you’ve ever felt like your opinion doesn’t matter and that the government doesn’t really care what you think, well you’re right. (…) take an incredibly popular idea, – the most popular idea this country has ever seen – and there’s about a 30 percent chance of becoming law’ (2)

Corruption is Legal in AmericaRepresent.Us – Creative Commons Attribution license 

Republic vs. Democracy – What Is The Real Form of the U.S. Government

‘The ideal for democracy is universal equality;
the ideal of a constitutional republic is individual liberty.’

‘A democracy always degenerate into dictatorship.
America was founded as a constitutional republic

to safeguard the liberties of the people
against the tyranny
of democracy.’

‘Unlimited political power
cannot safely be entrusted
to the nation’s elected representatives.’ 

‘The Constitution was ordained specifically to safeguard the principles of Liberty proclaimed by the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence’s phrase – men are created equal – means that men are equal before the law, and before the creator regardless of the inequality in human society. The Declaration says that men are endowed with unalienable rights and that the purpose of government is to secure these rights (…) Liberty along with Life and the Pursuit of Happiness’ (3)

A Republic, Not A Democracy

In a democracy, 51 % of the people control 49 % of the people. If you are part of the 49 %, you’re not free! And in that constitutional Republic that we have, 99 % of the people can’t take away the rights of one percent : you have your rights cause you were born with them – you have God-given human rights that nobody can’t take away from you – the government, the majority – no matter who they are. I can’t take away your rights!’ – Aaron Russo (4)

Aaron Russo explains America is NOT a Democracy

‘The traditional american system was a system based on the idea that (…) it was limited by inalienable individual rights. Therefore, I do not believe that a majority can vote a man’s life, or property, or freedom, away from him.’ – Ayn Rand (5)

Ayn Rand explains the difference between Republic and Democracy


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Unalienable Rights and Natural Law for Sovereign Rational MindsCanadaNewsLibre – Jun 3, 2014

(1) Please read disclaimer
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