Gold still undervalued: The West want to keep the inflation signals off people’s radar screen

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Gold saw gains against all fiat currencies again in 2012

Gold’s Gains In All Fiat Currencies in 2012 / Image via

Gold’s Gains In All Fiat Currencies in 2012 / Image via

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Celente’s Trends for 2012: The will of the people against the will of the government


Battlefield USA 2012: Gerald Celente predicts

February 16 , 2012

In 2012 America will become a battlefield of the will of the people against the will of the government, proclaims Gerald Celente, the founder of the Trends Research Institute and publisher of the Trends Journal.

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Salbuchi: Triggers for World Government – What’s in store for 2012

Pandora by Arthur Rackham / Wiki Commons *

“What do such interlocking “crises” have in common? Global warming, pandemics, “international terrorism”, financial collapse, economic depression, even alien contacts?  They all serve to show that they cannot be addressed by any single nation state, thus “justifying” the need for World Government.”

“The Private Global Power Elite embedded in major governments is dead set on imposing World Government on us sooner rather than later. Let’s look at 12 mega-processes – veritable “Triggers” – that we infer they are using to achieve their goals.”    Adrian Salbuchi

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