Fulford: ‘non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected’

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Benjamin Fulford: “The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

Obama (…) would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Continue reading

Fulford: Cabal begins Peace negotiations

Benjamin Fulford

Cabal begins peace negotiations, detailed discussions begin

by Benjamin Fulford
June 5, 2012

The cabal that illegally seized power in the Western world and attempted to set up a fascist world dictatorship known as the New World Order is trying to negotiate a peaceful transition to a saner planet. Continue reading

Fulford: Rothschild banking monopoly about to be dismantled?

“criminal element at the very top of the Western power structure,
especially at the very top of the financial system,
has been cut off from their money printing machine.”

“the world’s financial system is falling apart.
The IMF will soon cease to be solvent.
The same is true of the World Bank.
The BIS is also in trouble.
In fact,
the entire Rothschild banking monopoly
is in deep trouble.”
Benjamin Fulford

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Battle for Control of the Global Collateral Accounts

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“Although a decade of research has proven a high level cabal at the top of the Western power structure was behind the 911 terror attacks, few realize the attack was an esoteric battle in a war for control of the global financial system.”       
Benjamin Fulford
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