“Judicial Colonialism”: Court order stating Argentina had to pay predatory vulture funds

Coming Of Night by prozac1 / freedigitalphotos.net *

Argentine President Fernández de Kirchner “and Finance Minister Hernan Lorenzino have vowed never to pay the vultures, characterizing them as predators that speculated on Argentina’s debt in 2001-2002, refused to participate in the restructuring, and are now trying to extract payment of the full face value of the bonds they purchased at pennies on the dollar.”

“The vulture funds are a “strange species [located] on the margins of the financial system …”  (1)

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Trillion-Dollar Lawsuit: Unprecedented and Underreported

Freemasonry in the world / Wiki Commons *

“…the revelation would be perhaps the biggest bombshell in the history of the Federal Reserve. Perhaps even in the history of private central banking itself.”

“…if Keenan’s case and facts are in order, this trial will, at the very least, provide citizens all over the world a view through the window of the shadowy organizations of Freemasonry, banking, and government.”
Brandon Turbeville

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