Jarawa tribe: The state is at its most arrogant when it tries to protect us from ourselves

Andamanese couple by Edward Horace Man (1876) / Wikimedia

Andamanese couple by Edward Horace Man (1876) / Wikimedia Commons *

“(…) there is perhaps no group of people subjected to a more absurd policy of state “protection” than the Jarawa tribe of India. They are confined to a reserve and forbidden to interact with outsiders, ostensibly for their own good.”

“The only guaranteed way to preserve someone else’s lifestyle is to take away his ability to choose.”

“Enjoying a material contentment and a living standard undreamt of by even the wealthiest men of the past, it is easy for upper-class liberals to sneer at “materialism,” and to call for a freeze on all further economic advance. For the mass of the world’s population still living in squalor such a cry for the cessation of growth is truly obscene.” Murray N. Rothbard

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