Venezuela’s Oil refinery Drama: Accident or Sabotage?

The country is in an election year and the candidate, Hugo Chavez, remains with twenty percentage points ahead of his opponent. Opportunistically and inhumanly, part of the Venezuelan press tries to take an electoral advantage of this drama, trying to place the fault for the accident on the Chávez government.” Emanuel Cancella

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Is there spreading of cancer over Latin American leaders?

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Speaking only a day after Argentina President Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was diagnosed with the disease, (Venezuelan President) Chavez suggested — and he stressed, he only suggested — that the toll of neighboring leaders diagnose with cancer seems almost too odd to be true. Chavez recently had a tumor removed from his pelvis and Fernandez and he join a list of Latin American figurehead with the disease that also includes Paraguay’s Fernando Lugo, Brazil’s Dilma Rousseff and former Brazilian leader Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva.  RT

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Max Keiser: Chavez’ request for his gold could mean collapse for JP Morgan

JP Morgan Chase Tower, image by Krzykol*

Ever since the news broke out about current President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, who wanted to have 211 tonnes of gold transported back to Caracas, the news have been covering this and wondered how he was going to do that. This amount of gold is worth over US $12 billion. Finance Minister Jorge Giordani said that the weakening US dollar, a near-default by the US government and the European sovereign debt crisis has been threatening Venezuela’s savings and they will be more secure at home.

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