Cheminade: Parallels between Obama’s polices and the Start of Nazism

French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade / Wikimedia*

Cheminade Draws Parallels Between Obama’s Polices and the Start of Nazism

March 12, 2012

The remarks made by French Presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade drawing parallels between Barack Obama’s policy and the beginnings of Nazism during a radio interview with France Inter on March 9, were quickly quoted by hundreds of media in France, Continue reading

Cheminade: Long Live a Free Greece!

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“It appears clearly that this phony Europe is constructed against the interest of the people and their mode of free and democratic expression”

“The time has come to end the bailout of megabanks and to separate investment banks from deposit and credit banks in order to deprive the speculators of their ammunition.”

“a public system of productive credit has to be created, a system capable of reorganizing our economies, not in the interest of substance-looting imperial monetarism, but in the interest of the creation of resources for the common good.”  Jacques Cheminade Candidate for President, France 2012