China’s manufacturing labor force is now 7 times larger than that of the U.S.

Manufacturing Workforce (2002-2012) - Image by CNLib

Manufacturing Workforce (2002-2012) – animated Gif Image by CNLib

¨and some economists suggest that China’s manufacturing workforce may be 20 million workers larger than the official total.¨ (1)

Jim Willie: ¨(…) in 1999 the Clinton Admin granted Most Favored Nation status to China that took many observers off guard. With it came the immediate promise of significant direct foreign investment. On the one side, the low cost solution was pitched to the American public. It seemed like a much bigger systemically large NAFTA destructive grenade. Nobody discussed the down side, not of the certain risk. The USEconomy would most assuredly lose legitimate wealth engines, and become hopelessly dependent upon both asset bubbles and debt to a much greater extent.¨ (2)

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Eastern Remedies for the terminally ill Western financial system

Image  by sumetho / *

Image by sumetho / *

Jim Willie: “The pathogenesis is obvious to those in the Sound Money camp. (…) The cadaver in Intensive Care cannot be revived with more intravenous applications of contaminated money, the body dead since September 2008. Insolvent systems rush to the crash zone, where efforts can only delay the outcome.” (1)

“The Eastern solution avoids the USDollar and the entire FOREX system. It will be built upon gold trade settlement, will issue Gold Trade Notes to function like Letters of Credit, will operate as peer to peer instead of passing through the monolith banks, and will be conducted on portable devices like Smartphones and Blackberrys.” (2) 

Reginald H. Howe: “A well-functioning international monetary system is as critical to a healthy global economy as a well-functioning circulatory system is to the human body. Backwardation in gold can be compared to very high blood pressure: a sign that something is dangerously amiss and that absent prompt remedial action, a serious and quite possibly catastrophic event is imminent.”

“By relinking the international monetary system to gold in a flexible, practical and effective manner, Chinese GPS ( Gold Positioning System ) could spearhead a return of sanity and soundness to world finance and lay a new foundation for global growth and prosperity.” (3)

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LPAC: Construction of World’s first demonstration high-temperature nuclear reactor begins in China

Generation IV, by US Department of Energy Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee

Generation IV, by US Department of Energy Nuclear Energy Research Advisory Committee / wikimedia *

“High-temperature gas-cooled reactors are one example of so-called fourth generation nuclear technologies (…) are safer and more efficient. They produce a higher temperature heat, which also improves efficiency, and also enables desalination, chemical processing, and other applications unavailable using today’s water-cooled nuclear reactors.”

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Arab Spring, Arab Autumn, and Nuclear Winter?

Image by Steve Partridge / Wikimedia *

Fifty years ago in the last weeks of October, the world experienced thirteen days of an existential crisis known as the Cuban Missile Crisis. President John F. Kennedy, and his brother Robert, ushered our nation and the world safely through that danger, which could have ended civilization within a matter of hours.

Today, the world faces a similar imminent crisis; only this time, it is far worse.” (…)

“Since Russia and China have refused to submit to the British Imperial diktat of the zero-growth economic model called globalization and are a threat to the crumbling transatlantic banking system, they are now targeted. War with these nations will indeed bring a nuclear winter. This is the same nuclear winter that we avoided under the leadership of John F. Kennedy. (1)

David Christie, former US Congressional Candidate – (emphasis added)

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Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands Conflict: ‘Manufactured by right-wing British asset in Japan’ ?

Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands)  / Wikimedia *

“The conflict was manufactured by the right-wing British asset in Japan, Tokyo mayor Shintaro Ishihara, who took measures to “buy” the rocks from another Japanese owner. The weak, lame-duck Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda then jumped on board, nationalizing the islands, thus turning an issue which has been conveniently ignored for many years into a showdown with China, which has always claimed the islands as Chinese territory.” – LaRouchePAC

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China ‘soon to become Venezuela’s main trade partner’

Image by digitalart / * “The biggest geostrategic change of the past decade overlooked by Washington policy wonks in their fixation on their self-proclaimed “war on terror” is that Latin America has been throwing off the shackles of the Monroe Doctrine.” (emphasis added)

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Too Big to Jail?: Narco money laundering and the drug legalization Agenda

White Women in Opium Den, Chinatown, S. F. (ca. 1885-1895) / Wikimedia *

“It is fast becoming a well known fact, even common knowledge in the financial industry. The big US banks are heavily dependent upon narcotics money laundering from sale conducted by the protected USGovt agencies. The American citizens seem the last to know. Continue reading

China: Now the biggest trade partner of Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru

Wen Jiabao, Chinese Premier (2007) / Wikimedia Commons *

“In the past decade trade between the U.S. and Ibero-American countries doubled, but the trade between China and Latin American countries grew 17 times over.”   LaRouchePAC

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EURASIAN ECONOMIC BOOM: China’s Land Bridge to Europe

Map: Yunus Emre Hatunoğlu

“The prospect of an unparalleled Eurasian economic boom lasting into the next Century and beyond is at hand. The first steps binding the vast economic space are being constructed with a number of little-publicized rail links connecting China, Russia, Kazakhstan and parts of Western Europe. It is becoming clear to more people in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Eurasia including China and Russia that their natural tendency to build these markets faces only one major obstacle: NATO and the US Pentagon’s Full Spectrum Dominance obsession.  Rail infrastructure is a major key to building vast new economic markets across Eurasia.”  F. William Engdahl

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Soon near you: Gold as Money and a New SWIFT System?

Image by Stuart Miles / / (1)

“Soon expect to see an Eastern SWIFT system”
“The entire trade settlement system on bank payments
is on the verge of a major schism,
a split away from the US-dominated methods.”

Jim Willie

“The implications of China paying for Iranian oil in gold
is the most important event
in the modern history of gold.”

Jim Sinclair

“What we are witnessing is a sea change
in which market forces are driving a de facto return
to the gold standard.”

Professor Lew Spellman, University of Texas

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Fekete: Silver and Opium

Mauve Poppies In Field by Simon Howden / *

“From the mid-17th century more than 9 billion Troy ounces or 290 thousand metric tons of silver was absorbed by China from European countries in exchange for Chinese goods. The British introduced opium along with tobacco as an export item to China in order to reduce their trade deficit. Under the disguise of free trade, the British, the Spanish and the French with the tacit approval of the Americans continued sending their contraband to China …”

“China was forced to pay silver for her addiction to opium smoking that was artificially induced by the pusher: the British.”

“The present trade dispute between the U.S. and China is reminiscent of the background to the two Opium Wars. Once more, the issue is the humiliation and plunder of China as a “thank you” for China’s favor of having provided consumer goods for which the West was unable to pay in terms of Western goods suitable for Chinese consumption. The only difference is the absence of opium in the dispute.

Oops, I take it back. The role of opium in the current dispute is played by paper. Paper dollars, to be precise.”
Antal E. Fekete

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China Warns: “Elements in the U.S. have also clamored for an Attack” on China and Russia

Image: Idea go / *


November 10, 2011

It is the economic collapse in the West that is driving the push for world war, including against China and Russia, China’s Global Times says. “While the US and other Western countries are struggling economically, their military power reigns supreme. This contrast is inevitably tempting in their strategic thinking but would have a profoundly negative impact on world peace.

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Greece has privately made its wish to leave the EuroZone

Harvey Organ:

One of my good friends writes this email to me and I believe he is correct. I am not sure if Greece will leave first or will Germany but the result is the same. He wishes to share his thoughts with you but remain nameless:

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RT : Russia and China won’t buy bogus NATO Syria line

‘Russia won’t buy bogus NATO Syria line’ RussiaToday

Russia and China have vetoed the UN resolution on Syria, urging political dialogue instead of proposed tough sanctions on Bashar al-Assad’s regime. The move caused outrage from the US. RT talks to John Laughland from the Institute for democracy and cooperation in Paris.

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