Ron Paul: We’ve had enough of these wars and we’ve had enough of this debt.

Dr. Ron Paul, by Gage Skidmore / Wiki Commons *

Dr. Ron Paul, by Gage Skidmore / Wiki Commons 

The American people want no part of a conflict with Russia, just as they wanted no part in a war against Syria last summer (…) The American tax-payers don’t want it and our government thinks they can get away with it.” – emphasis added

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Motive behind Gaza conflict: A desperate effort to prevent recognition to Palestine?

Peace between Israel and Palestine, by digitalartImage / *

“According to one U.S. intelligence community official, Netanyahu is provoking this conflict with the Palestinians at this time in a desperate effort to prevent the UN General Assembly from giving statehood recognition to Palestine. Continue reading

Senkaku-Diaoyu Islands Conflict: ‘Manufactured by right-wing British asset in Japan’ ?

Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands)  / Wikimedia *

“The conflict was manufactured by the right-wing British asset in Japan, Tokyo mayor Shintaro Ishihara, who took measures to “buy” the rocks from another Japanese owner. The weak, lame-duck Prime Minister Yoshihiko Noda then jumped on board, nationalizing the islands, thus turning an issue which has been conveniently ignored for many years into a showdown with China, which has always claimed the islands as Chinese territory.” – LaRouchePAC

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Lavrov: No-Fly Zone over Syria under ‘Humanitarian’ pretex would be Illegal

Obama meets with Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov – July 13, 2011 / Wikimedia *

Military action in Syria will lead to catastrophe, Russia’s Foreign Minister has said. Russia opposes US demands for a no-fly zone over Syria, he said, adding that the solution to the ongoing conflict is the Geneva accord peace plan.”

“Russia does not support the Assad regime, but rather works in the interest of the Syrian people and regards ending the ongoing violence in the country as its priority, Lavrov said. Moscow also rejects the imposition of any no-fly zone over Syria as a violation of Syrian sovereignty, he said, referencing recent statements by Washington.” (1)

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Syrian Conflict: Two sides to every Story

“Misinformation and propaganda are common themes in any conflict. Syria is already the subject of mixed media coverage.RT

Syria on Air: One-sided media spin behind insurgency trench warfare

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