After Cuba : The U.S. should NOW abandon the policies of confrontation with the BRICS

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LaRouchePAC (December 17, 2014) –  A grouping of more than 100 prominent politicians, businessmen, academics, scientists and artists from 20 countries have publicly endorsed a resolution calling on the U.S. and Europe to collaborate with the BRICS nations in the interest of peace and economic development (see below for signatures). The resolution, sponsored by the Schiller Institute, was issued in response to the offer of China’s President Xi Jinping for the United States to join China’s New Silk Road development program and abandon the policies of confrontation with particularly Russia and China. – emphasis added

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Tarpley on Syria: Great Power Confrontation Looms

“We are now on the verge of a great power Confrontation”
Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.
on  PressTV
June 12, 2012

Power Confrontation Looms:
State Dept Predicts Syrian “New Massacres;” NATO Plans

Russia Reportedly Preparing 2 Divisions, Spetsnaz Brigade for Deployment to Syria … Read more at

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