US lawmakers do not want Obama to escalate war in Iraq without asking permission

Image by Stuart Miles

Image by Stuart Miles / *

Almost No Press Coverage of Historic Vote on HCR 105

LPAC – July 27, 2014 – There was almost no coverage in the national media of the historic July 25 vote in the House to restore the Constitution regarding war powers, HCR 105.

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Citizens have the Right to a free uncensored Internet

Congress combats CISPA with Internet Bill of Rights Creative Commons Attribution licence (reuse allowed)

Democratic Senator Ron Wyden has bridged the political gap with Republican Representative Darrell Issa to come up with an Internet Bill of Rights. Continue reading

RT: Congress considers repeal of indefinite detention and torture

Guantanamo Bay / Image: Army Sgt. Joseph Scozzari / Wikimedia *

“Barely two months after President Obama authorized the indefinite detention of Americas, two members of US Congress are asking fellow lawmakers to approve a bill that will repeal a controversial provision of the NDAA.(…)  Rep. Adam Smith of Washington and Sen. Mark Udall of Colorado, are asking other lawmakers in the House and Senate to sign their name on a bill that will make sure anyone — American or not — will be given a fair trial.” RT

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