Made in Canada: Human rights violations and Coverup of Genocide against Aboriginal People?

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Canadian aboriginal leader Terry Nelson has strongly criticized the government of Prime Minister Stephen Harper for its gross human rights violations against the native community, Press TV reports. Continue reading

History Moves Fast And Furiously For Eric Holder And The Obama White House

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“When controversy starts brewing in Washington, Obama White House officials get busy behind the scenes to try to change the political conversation in order to save themselves from facing public scrutiny and justice for their crimes against America and humanity.”

“The White House will create more fake terror plots, announce new fake assassinations of fake terrorist leaders, and invent bigger fake pretexts to wage bigger fake wars.  The Excavator  Continue reading

Britain’s Official Secrets Act in the U.S. ?

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since 9/11, the Bush and Obama Administrations have engaged in such systematic lying and coverup of crimes under the guise of national security, that they are desperate to cover their trail. Having failed to bully the Federal courts into rubber stamping an out-of-control and unconstitutional abuse of the Espionage Act to suppress legitimate whistle-blowing, they are now prepared to push for Congress to take the lead in ripping up the U.S. Constitution.”    Jeffrey Steinberg, EIR Counter Intelligence Chief