Biofuels: Part of the world population reduction agenda?

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Land sold off and used for biofuels could have fed 1 billion people – report

RT – 2 million kilometers of foreign purchased land in developing countries is either idle or used for Western biofuel production, according to a British charity. Oxfam’s report estimates an area the size of London is sold every six days.

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RIO+20 Conference: “Green Economy Is The New Colonialism”

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“…several European and other nations wanted to violate the sovereignty of developing countries and obstruct their development, by means of carbon taxes and other similar schemes.” –  Silvia Revora

“White, wealthy, western environmentalists are telling people of color in the developing world (…) that they can’t develop the way they want to. The western world has no business telling Africans how they can develop, unless Washington, Rotterdam, London and Paris return to swamps, jungle and wetlands. They need to level their big cities, and only then can they tell us we can’t develop our forests, our mining industries.” – Marc Morano

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