Cholesterol levels: Don’t worry – be happy! with Dr Michel de Lorgeril

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“The problematic with cholesterol is that there is no problem!”
Cholesterol is innocent.”
On a medical and scientific perspective, globally,
the cholesterol problematic is a scam!

“Statins are useless and poisonous”

Dr Michel de Lorgeril,
French scientist and cardiologist. (1)

CNL Editor’s Note: The following article is available in French only.
L’article suivant est écrit dans la langue de Molière.

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Environmentalism: ‘Eco-Fascism with a Green Face’

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Environmentalist organizations and groups have emerged, the majority of them sponsored by the United Kingdom, that have influenced legislation in many countries to impose policies to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions,”

“It is fundamental to prevent certain groups from making climate change science a dogma that can’t be questioned, and which borders on the creation of a new religion that is an attack on the human species, that is to say, eco-fascism with a green face that endangers current civilization.” (emphasis added) – Dr. Omar Pensado

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