Tarpley: Fifteen Insolvent Banks loaded with Toxic Derivatives downgraded by Moody’s

The current world economic depression is a direct consequence of the decision of the United States and other countries in 1999 and 2000 to legalize and deregulate DERIVATIVES.” – Webster Tarpley

Moody’s Downgrades Insolvent World Banks
Zombified by Derivatives Speculation

Webster Tarpley appears on PressTV to discuss Moody’s recent downgrade of several notorious zombie banks. – 2012-06-21

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IMF Rating: Downgraded to very negative outlook

First, second and third worlds map / Wiki image *

Press release

The CADTM downgrades its IMF rating and places this institution on very negative outlook.

Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM)

February 6, 2012 

The Committee for the Abolition of Third World Debt (CADTM) has decided to downgrade the IMF’s rating due to this institution’s heavy share of responsibility for the deterioration of people’s living standards in countries subjected to austerity policies it has openly imposed or dictated from behind the scenes. The resulting high levels of unemployment, aggravation of the crisis and the increase in public debt of the States following its counter productive and unjust recommendations justify downgrading the IMF’s rating from NNN to NO-with a further very negative outlook. Continue reading