Obama’s Tuesday mournings…(sic): An Out-of-control presidency?

“It turns out the (Obama) administration
has more blood on its hands than many thought.”

Liz Wahl explains.

Obama’s kill list revealed

(…) the White House has denied none of this. The president meets every Tuesday morning with a select group of military, intelligence, national security and, occasionally, political advisers and reviews the background and photos of persons in foreign countries whom he hates or fears, some of whom are Americans. He then personally decides whom among them to kill. Then he dispatches civilian agents of the government, no doubt the CIA, to do the killing using drones. He uses the CIA to do this because if he used the military, federal law requires public reporting of that use and, eventually, congressional approval. Some of the killings have taken place in Yemen, a country that has welcomed them, and some in Pakistan, a country that has condemned them. We are at war with neither.  Andrew P. Napolitano

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