Money Velocity is falling rapidly in US and Canadian Economies

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Money Supply Velocity (M2) / source: (modified by Jim Willie)

Money Supply Velocity (M2) / source: (modified by Jim Willie CB)

Jim Willie CB (1): ”(…) astonishing rapid deterioration. Consumers and business are holding firm their money rather than investing it, as they see poor prospects. Continue reading

Where did modern socialism begin? In America.

Anti-Sovio-Nazo-Europo-flag / Wikimedia Commons *

“The comprehensive nature of the failure of socialism is not taught in college textbooks. The topic is glossed over wherever possible.”

“Socialism failed — totally. But the intelligentsia still refuses to embrace the free-market social philosophy of Mises, the man who predicted the failures of socialism, and who provided arguments to support his universal condemnation.

“The majority has never been offered a choice between controls and freedom. (…) You know that both parties today (in the U.S.A.) ARE for socialism, in effect, for controls. And there is no party, there are no voices to offer an actual pro-capitalist, laissez-faire economic freedom and individualism. That’s what this country needs today.”

(…) “you see destruction all around you and that you are moving towards disaster until and unless all those welfare state conceptions have been reversed and rejected. It is precisely these trends which are bringing the world to disaster. Because we are now moving towards complete collectivism or socialism – a system under which everybody is enslaved to everybody. AYN RAND (1958)

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Cannes G20 Summit: Total Failure for the British Empire

Photographie de Guy Lebègue / Wiki Commons *

“For the third time in 10 days, the British Empire and their waterboys failed to ram through the level of hyperinflationary bailout of their banks which they urgently require and are demanding—and which is impossible, in any event. They are bankrupt, desperate, and have no capability left. Their system is breaking down, and they have nothing. Their only “policy” to address this, is World War III, and a Hitler-style coup in the U.S., courtesy of Barack Obama.”  Lyndon LaRouche

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Argentine President Slams IMF Murderous “Idiocy and Stubborness”

Presidente Cristina Fernández de Kirchner / Wikimedia Commons *

those directly responsible for Argentina’s 2001 failure, and today’s in Europe and the United States, are still trying to force the world to swallow the same medicine”  Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, President of Argentine

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